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loaded tire radius

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  • flat tire radius — the distance from the spin axis to the road surface of a loaded tire on a specified rim at zero inflation …   Mechanics glossary

  • radius — effective rolling radius flat tire radius loaded radius static loaded radius swing arm radius torque arm radius tread radius …   Mechanics glossary

  • loaded radius — Measurement in inches from the wheel axle centerline to the ground when the tire is properly inflated for the load. Also called static loaded radius …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • loaded radius — the distance from the center of tire contact to the wheel center measured in the wheel plane …   Mechanics glossary

  • static loaded radius — the loaded radius of a stationary tire inflated to normal recommended pressure. Note: in general, static loaded radius is different from the radius of slowly rolling tire. Static radius of a tire rolled into position may be different from that of …   Mechanics glossary

  • peak-to-peak loaded radial tire run-out — the difference between maximum and minimum values of the loaded radius on a true running wheel …   Mechanics glossary

  • static deflection — the radial difference between the undeflected tire radius and the static loaded radius, under specified loads and inflation …   Mechanics glossary

  • Car handling — and vehicle handling is a description of the way wheeled vehicles perform transverse to their direction of motion, particularly during cornering and swerving. It also includes their stability when moving in a straight line. Handling and braking… …   Wikipedia

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  • Bicycle wheel — For the Marcel Duchamp installation, see Bicycle Wheel. The front wheel from a racing bicycle made using a Mavic rim …   Wikipedia

  • Automobile layout — In automotive design layout specifies where on the car the engine and drive wheels are found. Front wheel drive types A Front engine, front wheel drive layout places both the engine and driven wheels at the front of the vehicle. This layout is… …   Wikipedia

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