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load (with)

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  • load — load1 W3S2 [ləud US loud] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(amount of something)¦ 2 a load (of something) 3 a bus load/car load/truck load etc 4 a load of crap/bull etc 5¦(work)¦ 6¦(worry)¦ 7¦(washing)¦ 8 get a load of somebody/something 9¦ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • load — I n. 1) to carry, transport a load 2) to lessen, lighten a load (also fig.) 3) a heavy; light load 4) a capacity, maximum, peak load 5) a case; work load II v. 1)(D; tr.) to load into, onto (to load coal into a ship) 2) (d; tr.) to load to (to… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • load — 1. n. as much liquor as one can hold. (See also loaded.) □ Harry had quite a load of booze. □ Mary is carrying a load. 2. n. a drink of liquor. □ Can I have a load from your bottle? □ …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • load down — verb load with a pack • Syn: ↑pack • Derivationally related forms: ↑pack (for: ↑pack) • Hypernyms: ↑load, ↑lade, ↑laden …   Useful english dictionary

  • load up — fill with cargo, load with material; stock up, fill an inventory; (Slang) take illegal drugs …   English contemporary dictionary

  • load sharing —    A two or multiple computer system that shares the load during peak hours. During nonpeak periods or normal operation, one computer manages the entire load with the other(s) acting as fallback …   IT glossary of terms, acronyms and abbreviations

  • Load balancing (computing) — Load balancing is a computer networking methodology to distribute workload across multiple computers or a computer cluster, network links, central processing units, disk drives, or other resources, to achieve optimal resource utilization,… …   Wikipedia

  • load — [lōd] n. [ME lode < OE lad, a course, way, journey < Gmc * laidō, way < IE base * leit(h) , to go, leave > LEAD1, ON litha, Goth galeithan, to go: sense infl. by ME laden, LADE] 1. something carried or to be carried at one time or in… …   English World dictionary

  • Load testing — is the process of creating demand on a system or device and measuring its response.In mechanical systems it refers to the testing of a system to certify it under the appropriate regulations (LOLER in the UK Lifting Operations and Lifting… …   Wikipedia

  • Load factor (aerodynamics) — Load factor is the ratio of the lift on an aircraft to the weight of the aircraft.Clancy, L.J., Aerodynamics , section 5.22] Hurt, H.H., Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators , page 37] The load factor is expressed in multiples of g where one g… …   Wikipedia

  • Load regulation — is the capability to maintain a constant voltage (or current) level on the output channel of a power supply despite changes in load [cite web|title=Line and Load Regulation for Programmable DC Power Supplies and Precision DC Sources Developer… …   Wikipedia


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