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latissimus dorsi

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  • latissimus dorsi — [lä tis′i məs dôr′sī, dôr′sē] n. pl. latissimi dorsi [lä tis′i mēdr̄′si, lä tis′i mē dôr′sē] either of the large, wide, triangular muscles, one on each side of the back, connecting the lower and central spine with the arm: it helps rotate, extend …   English World dictionary

  • Latissimus dorsi — Musculus latissimus dorsi Ursprung Dornfortsätze der untersten 6 Brustwirbel, Fascia thoracolumbalis, Darmbein (Crista iliaca) und unterste 3 oder 4 Rippen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • latissimus dorsi — /leuh tis euh meuhs dawr suy/, pl. latissimi dorsi /leuh tis euh muy dawr suy/. Anat. a broad, flat muscle on each side of the midback, the action of which draws the arm backward and downward and rotates the front of the arm toward the body. [ <… …   Universalium

  • latissimus dorsi — noun (plural latissimi dorsi) Etymology: New Latin, literally, broadest (muscle) of the back Date: 1684 a broad flat superficial muscle chiefly of the middle and lower back that extends, adducts, and rotates the arm medially and draws the… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • latissimus dorsi — la·tis·si·mus dor·si lə tis ə məs dȯr .sī n, pl la·tis·si·mi dorsi .mī a broad flat superficial muscle of the lower part of the back that originates mostly in a broad aponeurosis attached to the spinous processes of the vertebrae of the lower… …   Medical dictionary

  • latissimus dorsi — la•tis•si•mus dor•si [[t]ləˈtɪs ə məs ˈdɔr saɪ[/t]] n. pl. la•tis•si•mi dorsi [[t]ləˈtɪs əˌmaɪ[/t]] anat. a broad, flat muscle on each side of the middle of the back, the action of which draws the arm backward and downward • Etymology: < NL:… …   From formal English to slang

  • latissimus dorsi — noun Either of the larger, flat, dorso lateral muscles on the trunk, posterior to the arm, and partly covered by the trapezius on its median dorsal region. Syn: lats …   Wiktionary

  • latissimus dorsi — wide muscles on the back that stretch from the middle of the back to the sides of the torso …   English contemporary dictionary

  • latissimus dorsi — /læˌtɪsɪməs ˈdɔsi/ (say la.tisimuhs dawsee) noun Anatomy one of a pair of broad muscles, located on either side of the back, running from under the arm to the waist. {New Latin: the broadest (muscle) of the back} …   Australian English dictionary

  • latissimus dorsi — noun a broad flat muscle on either side of the back • Syn: ↑lat • Hypernyms: ↑skeletal muscle, ↑striated muscle • Part Holonyms: ↑back, ↑dorsum …   Useful english dictionary

  • Latissimus dorsi muscle — Muscle infobox Name = Latissimus dorsi Latin = musculus latissimus dorsi | GraySubject = 121 GrayPage = 432 Caption = Latissimus dorsi Caption2 = Muscles connecting the upper extremity to the vertebral column. Origin = spinous processes of… …   Wikipedia