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  • 1 king

    1) (a male ruler of a nation, who inherits his position by right of birth: He became king when his father died; King Charles III.) karalius
    2) (the playing-card with the picture of a king: I have two cards - the ten of spades and the king of diamonds.) karalius
    3) (the most important piece in chess.) karalius
    - kingly
    - kingliness
    - kingfisher
    - king-sized
    - king-size

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > king

  • 2 king-size(d)

    adjective (of a large size; larger than normal: a king-size(d) bed; king-size cigarettes.) didžiulis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > king-size(d)

  • 3 king-size(d)

    adjective (of a large size; larger than normal: a king-size(d) bed; king-size cigarettes.) didžiulis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > king-size(d)

  • 4 penguin

    (a large sea-bird which is found in Antarctic regions and which cannot fly.) pingvinas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > penguin

  • 5 abdicate

    1) (to leave or give up the position and authority of a king or queen: The king abdicated (the throne) in favour of his son.) atsisakyti (sosto)
    2) (to leave or give up (responsibility, power etc): He abdicated all responsibility for the work to his elder son.) atsisakyti, atsižadėti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > abdicate

  • 6 accession

    1) (a coming to the position of king or queen: in the year of the Queen's accession (to the throne).) įžengimas (į sostą)
    2) (an addition: There are several new accessions to the library.) pa(si)pildymas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > accession

  • 7 acclaim

    [ə'kleim] 1. verb
    1) (to applaud or welcome enthusiastically: The footballer was acclaimed by the fans.) sveikinti, ploti
    2) (to declare (someone) ruler, winner etc by enthusiastic approval: They acclaimed him king.) paskelbti
    2. noun
    (enthusiastic approval.)

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > acclaim

  • 8 annals

    (yearly historical accounts of events: This king is mentioned several times in annals of the period.) metraštis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > annals

  • 9 ascend the throne

    (to be crowned king or queen.) įžengti į sostą

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > ascend the throne

  • 10 audience

    1) (a group of people watching or listening to a performance etc: The audience at the concert; a television audience.) žiūrovai, klausytojai
    2) (a formal interview with someone important eg a king: an audience with the Pope.) audiencija

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > audience

  • 11 awe

    [o:] 1. noun
    (wonder and fear: The child looked in awe at the king.) nuostaba, apstulbimas, pagarbi baimė
    2. verb
    (to fill with awe: He was awed by his new school.) apstulbinti
    - awesome
    - awestruck

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > awe

  • 12 check

    [ ek] 1. verb
    1) (to see if something (eg a sum) is correct or accurate: Will you check my addition?) (pa)tikrinti
    2) (to see if something (eg a machine) is in good condition or working properly: Have you checked the engine (over)?) (pa)tikrinti
    3) (to hold back; to stop: We've checked the flow of water from the burst pipe.) sulaikyti
    2. noun
    1) (an act of testing or checking.) (pa)tikrinimas, kontrolė
    2) (something which prevents or holds back: a check on imports.) sulaikymas
    3) (in chess, a position in which the king is attacked: He put his opponent's king in check.) šachas
    4) (a pattern of squares: I like the red check on that material.) languotas raštas
    5) (a ticket received in return for handing in baggage etc.) kvitas
    6) ((especially American) a bill: The check please, waiter!) sąskaita
    7) ((American) a cheque.) čekis
    - checkbook
    - check-in
    - checkmate
    3. verb
    (to put (an opponent's king) in this position.) duoti matą
    - checkpoint
    - check-up
    - check in
    - check out
    - check up on
    - check up

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > check

  • 13 checkmate

    noun (in chess, a position from which the king cannot escape.) matas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > checkmate

  • 14 coronation

    (the act or ceremony of crowning a king or queen.) karūnavimas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > coronation

  • 15 council

    1) (a group of people formed in order to advise etc: The King formed a council of wise men; the Council for Recreation.) taryba
    2) (in the United Kingdom, a body of people elected to control the workings of local government in a county, region, district etc.) taryba, savivaldybė

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > council

  • 16 court

    [ko:t] 1. noun
    1) (a place where legal cases are heard: a magistrates' court; the High Court.) teismas
    2) (the judges and officials of a legal court: The accused is to appear before the court on Friday.) teismas
    3) (a marked-out space for certain games: a tennis-court; a squash court.) aikštė, kortas
    4) (the officials, councillors etc of a king or queen: the court of King James.) dvariškiai
    5) (the palace of a king or queen: Hampton Court.) dvaras, rūmai
    6) (an open space surrounded by houses or by the parts of one house.) kiemas
    2. verb
    1) (to try to win the love of; to woo.) merginti, pirštis, mylėtis
    2) (to try to gain (admiration etc).) stengtis užsitarnauti
    3) (to seem to be deliberately risking (disaster etc).) prisišaukti, užsitraukti
    - courtly
    - courtliness
    - courtship
    - courthouse
    - court-martial
    - courtyard

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > court

  • 17 courtier

    noun (a member of the court of a king or queen: He was one of King James' courtiers.) dvariškis, rūmininkas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > courtier

  • 18 crown

    1. noun
    1) (a circular, often jewelled, head-dress, especially one worn as a mark of royalty or honour: the queen's crown.) karūna
    2) ((with capital) the king or queen or governing power in a monarchy: revenue belonging to the Crown.) karaliaus valdžia, sostas
    3) (the top eg of a head, hat, hill etc: We reached the crown of the hill.) viršūnė, viršus
    4) ((an artificial replacement for) the part of a tooth which can be seen.) karūnėlė
    2. verb
    1) (to make (someone) king or queen by placing a crown on his or her head: The archbishop crowned the queen.) karūnuoti
    2) (to form the top part of (something): an iced cake crowned with a cherry.) apvainikuoti, papuošti
    3) (to put an artificial crown on (a tooth).) uždėti karūnėlę
    4) (to hit (someone) on the head: If you do that again, I'll crown you!) trenkti (kam) per galvą
    - crown princess

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > crown

  • 19 dance

    1. verb
    1) (to move in time to music by ma-king a series of rhythmic steps: She began to dance; Can you dance the waltz?) šokti
    2) (to move quickly up and down: The father was dancing the baby on his knee.) šokdinti
    2. noun
    1) (a series of fixed steps made in time to music: Have you done this dance before?; ( also adjective) dance music.) šokis
    2) (a social gathering at which people dance: We're going to a dance next Saturday.) šokiai
    - dancing

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > dance

  • 20 depose

    (to remove from a high position (eg from that of a king): They have deposed the emperor.) nuversti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > depose

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