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king penguin

  • 41 jack

    1) (an instrument for lifting up a motor car or other heavy weight: You should always keep a jack in the car in case you need to change a wheel.) domkratas
    2) (the playing-card between the ten and queen, sometimes called the knave: The jack, queen and king are the three face cards.) valetas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > jack

  • 42 jubilee

    (a celebration of a special anniversary (especially the 25th, 50th or 60th) of some event, eg the succession of a king or queen: The king celebrated his golden jubilee (= fiftieth anniversary of his succession) last year.) jubiliejus

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > jubilee

  • 43 kingdom

    1) (a state having a king (or queen) as its head: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; He rules over a large kingdom.) karalystė
    2) (any of the three great divisions of natural objects: the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms.) pasaulis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > kingdom

  • 44 kingly

    adjective (of, relating to, or suitable for a king: kingly robes; a kingly feast.) karaliaus, karališkas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > kingly

  • 45 knight

    1. noun
    1) (in earlier times, a man of noble birth who is trained to fight, especially on horseback: King Arthur and his knights.) riteris
    2) (a man of rank, having the title `Sir': Sir John Brown was made a knight in 1969.) (toks titulas)
    3) (a piece used in chess, usually shaped like a horse's head.) žirgas
    2. verb
    (to make (a person) a knight: He was knighted for his services to industry.) (kam) suteikti „knight“ titulą

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > knight

  • 46 late

    [leit] 1. adjective
    1) (coming etc after the expected or usual time: The train is late tonight; I try to be punctual but I am always late.) vėluojantis
    2) (far on in the day or night: late in the day; late at night; It was very late when I got to bed.) vėlus
    3) (dead, especially recently: the late king.) velionis
    4) (recently, but no longer, holding an office or position: Mr Allan, the late chairman, made a speech.) ankstesnis, buvęs
    2. adverb
    1) (after the expected or usual time: He arrived late for his interview.) per vėlai, po laiko
    2) (far on in the day or night: They always go to bed late.) vėlai
    - lately
    - later on
    - of late

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > late

  • 47 majesty

    plural - majesties; noun
    1) (greatness; impressive dignity: the majesty of God.) didybė, didingumas
    2) ((with capital: with His, Your etc) a title used when speaking to or of a king or queen: Her Majesty the Queen: Their Majesties: Your Majesty.) didenybė
    - majestically

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > majesty

  • 48 messenger

    noun (a person who carries letters, information etc from place to place: The king's messenger brought news of the army's defeat.) pasiuntinys

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > messenger

  • 49 model

    ['modl] 1. noun
    1) (a copy or representation of something usually on a much smaller scale: a model of the Taj Mahal; ( also adjective) a model aeroplane.) modelis, maketas
    2) (a particular type or design of something, eg a car, that is manufactured in large numbers: Our car is a 1999 model.) modelis
    3) (a person who wears clothes etc so that possible buyers can see them being worn: He has a job as a male fashion model.) rūbų demonstruotojas, manekenas
    4) (a person who is painted, sculpted, photographed etc by an artist, photographer etc: I work as an artist's model.) modelis, pozuotojas
    5) (something that can be used to copy from.) šablonas
    6) (a person or thing which is an excellent example: She is a model of politeness; ( also adjective) model behaviour.) pavyzdys; pavyzdingas
    2. verb
    1) (to wear (clothes etc) to show them to possible buyers: They model (underwear) for a living.) demonstruoti (rūbus)
    2) (to work or pose as a model for an artist, photographer etc: She models at the local art school.) dirbti modeliu, pozuoti
    3) (to make models (of things or people): to model (the heads of famous people) in clay.) modeliuoti, lipdyti
    4) (to form (something) into a (particular) shape: She modelled the clay into the shape of a penguin; She models herself on her older sister.) formuoti, kurti (ką) pagal pavyzdį

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > model

  • 50 monarch

    (a king, queen, emperor, or empress.) monarchas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > monarch

  • 51 noble

    ['nəubl] 1. adjective
    1) (honourable; unselfish: a noble mind; a noble deed.) kilnus, garbingas
    2) (of high birth or rank: a noble family; of noble birth.) kilmingas
    2. noun
    (a person of high birth: The nobles planned to murder the king.) didikas
    - nobly
    - nobleman

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > noble

  • 52 nobleman

    feminine - noblewoman; noun (a noble: The king was murdered by a nobleman at his court.) didikas, didikë

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > nobleman

  • 53 oath

    plural - oaths; noun
    1) (a solemn promise: He swore an oath to support the king.) priesaika
    2) (a word or phrase used when swearing: curses and oaths.) keiksmažodis, keiksmas

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > oath

  • 54 oppress

    1) (to govern cruelly: The king oppressed his people.) engti
    2) (to worry or depress: The thought of leaving her oppressed me.) (pri)slėgti, kamuoti
    - oppressive
    - oppressively
    - oppressiveness
    - oppressor

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > oppress

  • 55 palace

    (a large and magnificent house, especially one lived in by a king or queen: Buckingham Palace.) rūmai

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > palace

  • 56 pardon

    1. verb
    1) (to forgive: Pardon my asking, but can you help me?) atleisti, dovanoti
    2) (to free (from prison, punishment etc): The king pardoned the prisoners.) paleisti, atleisti, dovanoti bausmę
    2. noun
    1) (forgiveness: He prayed for pardon for his wickedness.) atleidimas
    2) (a (document) freeing from prison or punishment: He was granted a pardon.) bausmės dovanojimas
    3. interjection
    (used to indicate that one has not heard properly what was said: Pardon? Could you repeat that last sentence?) atsiprašau! dovanokite!
    - I beg your pardon
    - pardon me

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > pardon

  • 57 plot

    [plot] 1. noun
    1) (a plan, especially for doing something evil; a conspiracy: a plot to assassinate the President.) sąmokslas
    2) (the story of a play, novel etc: The play has a very complicated plot.) siužetas
    3) (a small piece of land eg for use as a gardening area or for building a house on.) sklypas
    2. verb
    1) (to plan to bring about (something evil): They were plotting the death of the king.) ruošti (sąmokslą), planuoti
    2) (to make a plan, map, graph etc of: The navigator plotted the course of the ship.) nubrėžti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > plot

  • 58 portray

    1) (to make a portrait of: In this painting, the king is portrayed sitting on his throne.) (pa)vaizduoti
    2) (to act the part of: the actor who portrays Hamlet.) vaidinti

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > portray

  • 59 powerless

    adjective (having no power: The king was powerless to prevent the execution.) bejėgis

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > powerless

  • 60 prince

    1) (a male member of a royal family, especially the son of a king or queen: Prince Charles.) princas
    2) (the ruler of some states or countries: Prince Rainier of Monaco.) kunigaikštis
    - princess
    - principality

    English-Lithuanian dictionary > prince

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