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  • 121 thoroughly

    adv. tamamen, adamakıllı, iyice, ayrıntılarıyla, en ince ayrıntısına kadar
    * * *
    * * *
    1) (with great care, attending to every detail: She doesn't do her job very thoroughly.) tam anlamıyla, adamakıllı
    2) (completely: He's thoroughly stupid/bored.) tamamen

    English-Turkish dictionary > thoroughly

  • 122 though

    adv. yine de, gerçi
    conj. gerçi, olduğu halde, karşın, rağmen, olsa da, sa bile
    * * *
    her ne kadar|halde
    * * *
    [ðəu] 1. conjunction
    ((rare abbreviation tho') despite the fact that; although: He went out, (even) though it was raining.)...-diği halde, ama
    2. adverb
    (however: I wish I hadn't done it, though.) gene de

    English-Turkish dictionary > though

  • 123 through

    adj. direkt, kesintisiz
    adv. bir uçtan bir uca, baştan sona, sayesinde, tamamen, doğru, doğruca
    prep. bir uçtan bir uca, sayesinde, içinden, arasından, baştan başa, yüzünden
    * * *
    1. boyunca 2. içinden
    * * *
    [Ɵru:] 1. preposition
    1) (into from one direction and out of in the other: The water flows through a pipe.)...-(in için)den/arasından
    2) (from side to side or end to end of: He walked (right) through the town.) bir uçtan öbür uca
    3) (from the beginning to the end of: She read through the magazine.)...-in başından sonuna kadar
    4) (because of: He lost his job through his own stupidity.) yüzünden,...-den
    5) (by way of: He got the job through a friend.)...-ın yardımıyla/sayesinde
    6) ((American) from... to (inclusive): I work Monday through Friday.)...-dan...-ya kadar
    2. adverb
    (into and out of; from one side or end to the other; from beginning to end: He went straight/right through.) bir yandan diğer yana; bir uçtan diğer uca
    3. adjective
    1) ((of a bus or train) that goes all the way to one's destination, so that one doesn't have to change (buses or trains): There isn't a through train - you'll have to change.) aktarmasız, direkt
    2) (finished: Are you through yet?) bitirmiş
    4. adverb
    (in every part: The house was furnished throughout.) baştan başa/ayağa
    - soaked, wet through
    - through and through
    - through with

    English-Turkish dictionary > through

  • 124 throughout

    adv. her tarafında, baştan başa, boyunca
    prep. baştan başa, boyunca, süresince
    * * *
    in başından sonuna
    * * *
    1) (in all parts of: They searched throughout the house.) her yerinde, bütün...-de
    2) (from start to finish of: She complained throughout the journey.) başından sonuna kadar, boyunca

    English-Turkish dictionary > throughout

  • 125 throw open

    ardına kadar açmak, açmak, halka açmak
    * * *
    (to open suddenly and wide: He threw open the door and walked in.) ardına kadar açmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > throw open

  • 126 thru

    adj. direkt, kesintisiz
    adv. bir uçtan bir uca, baştan sona, tamamen, doğru, doğruca
    prep. bir uçtan bir uca, içinden, arasından, baştan başa, sayesinde, yüzünden
    * * *
    e kadar
    * * *
    (short for through.)

    English-Turkish dictionary > thru

  • 127 till

    conj. kadar, dek
    n. para çekmecesi, kasa
    prep. kadar, dek
    v. sürmek, toprağı sürmek, işlemek (toprak)
    * * *
    e kadar
    * * *
    I [til] preposition, conjunction
    (to the time of or when: I'll wait till six o'clock; Go on till you reach the station.)...-e kadar
    II [til] noun
    ((in a shop etc) a container or drawer in which money is put and registered.) kasa, para çekmecesi

    English-Turkish dictionary > till

  • 128 to

    prep. e, ye, ya, e doğru, göre, karşı
    * * *
    * * *
    1. [tə,tu] preposition
    1) (towards; in the direction of: I cycled to the station; The book fell to the floor; I went to the concert/lecture/play.)...-e/a (doğru)
    2) (as far as: His story is a lie from beginning to end.)...-e/a kadar
    3) (until: Did you stay to the end of the concert?)...e/a kadar
    4) (sometimes used to introduce the indirect object of a verb: He sent it to us; You're the only person I can talk to.)...-e/...-a
    5) (used in expressing various relations: Listen to me!; Did you reply to his letter?; Where's the key to this door?; He sang to (the accompaniment of) his guitar.)...-e/...-a
    6) (into a particular state or condition: She tore the letter to pieces.)...-e/...-a
    7) (used in expressing comparison or proportion: He's junior to me; Your skill is superior to mine; We won the match by 5 goals to 2.)...-e/...-a
    8) (showing the purpose or result of an action etc: He came quickly to my assistance; To my horror, he took a gun out of his pocket.) amacıyla, sonucunda
    9) ([tə] used before an infinitive eg after various verbs and adjectives, or in other constructions: I want to go!; He asked me to come; He worked hard to (= in order to) earn a lot of money; These buildings were designed to (= so as to) resist earthquakes; She opened her eyes to find him standing beside her; I arrived too late to see him.) amacıyla,...-mek/-mak için
    10) (used instead of a complete infinitive: He asked her to stay but she didn't want to.) Not: Fiilin mastar hali yerine kullanılır.
    2. [tu:] adverb
    1) (into a closed or almost closed position: He pulled/pushed the door to.) kapalı duruma
    2) (used in phrasal verbs and compounds: He came to (= regained consciousness).) ayılmak, kendine gelmek

    English-Turkish dictionary > to

  • 129 to a certain extent / to some extent

    (partly but not completely.) bir dereceye kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > to a certain extent / to some extent

  • 130 to a degree

    bir dereceye kadar, bir ölçüde, bir noktaya kadar, birazcık
    * * *
    (to a small extent: I agree with you to a degree, but I have doubts about your conclusions.) kısmen, bir dereceye kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > to a degree

  • 131 to a man

    herkes, son kişiye kadar
    * * *
    (every one, without exception: They voted to a man to accept the proposal.) istisnasız, herkes

    English-Turkish dictionary > to a man

  • 132 to date

    (up to the present time: This is the best entry we've received to date.) bugüne kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > to date

  • 133 to one's heart's content

    canı istediği kadar, doya doya
    * * *
    (as much as one wants: She could play in the big garden to her heart's content.) canı istediği kadar, dilediği kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > to one's heart's content

  • 134 to the bone

    iliklerine kadar
    * * *
    1) (thoroughly and completely: I was chilled to the bone.) iliklerine kadar
    2) (to the minimum: I've cut my expenses to the bone.) en aza

    English-Turkish dictionary > to the bone

  • 135 to the last

    sonuna kadar
    * * *
    (until the very end: He kept his courage to the last.) sonuna kadar, son ana kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > to the last

  • 136 too

    adv. de, dahi, fazla, çok
    * * *
    1. aynı zamanda (adv.) 2. fazla (adj.)
    * * *
    1) (to a greater extent, or more, than is required, desirable or suitable: He's too fat for his clothes; I'm not feeling too well.) gereğinden fazla,...-emiyecek kadar
    2) (in addition; also; as well: My husband likes cycling, and I do, too.) de/da, dahi

    English-Turkish dictionary > too

  • 137 until

    conj. inceye kadar, kadar
    prep. kadar, değin, dek
    * * *
    e kadar
    * * *
    preposition, conjunction
    (to the time of or when: He was here until one o'clock; I won't know until I get a letter from him.)...-e/a kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > until

  • 138 up to

    doğru, kadar, uygun
    * * *
    e kadar
    * * *
    (as far, or as much, as: He counted up to 100; Up to now, the work has been easy.)...-e/a kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > up to

  • 139 utter

    adj. tüm, bütün, tam, kesin, mutlâk, sapına kadar, su katılmadık
    v. söylemek, dile getirmek, ifade etmek, telâffuz etmek, açığa vurmak, ses çıkarmak, basmak (çığlık), atmak (çığlık), piyasaya sürmek (sahte para vb.)
    * * *
    * * *
    I adjective
    (complete or total: There was utter silence; utter darkness.) tam anlamıyla, tam
    II verb
    (to produce (sounds, eg cries, words etc) with the mouth: She uttered a sigh of relief; She didn't utter a single word of encouragement.) söylemek, belirtmek

    English-Turkish dictionary > utter

  • 140 utterly

    adv. tamamen, düpedüz, bütün bütün, sapına kadar
    * * *
    adverb (completely or totally: She was utterly unaware of her danger.) tamamen

    English-Turkish dictionary > utterly

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