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  • 101 see out

    kapıya kadar geçirmek, yarım bırakmamak, vazgeçmemek, sonuna kadar götürmek
    * * *
    (to last longer than: These old trees will see us all out.)... daha uzun yaşamak, eskitmek

    English-Turkish dictionary > see out

  • 102 see through

    yardım etmek, destek olmak, yarı yolda bırakmamak, sonuna kadar götürmek, yarım bırakmamak, arasından bakmak, içini görmek, yetmek (para), işini görmek
    * * *
    aklından geçeni gör
    * * *
    1) (to give support to (a person, plan etc) until the end is reached: I'd like to see the job through.) birine sonuna kadar yardım etmek/desteklemek
    2) (not to be deceived by (a person, trick etc): We soon saw through him and his little plan.) gerçek niyetini/iç yüzünü anlamak

    English-Turkish dictionary > see through

  • 103 shriek

    n. çığlık, acı feryat, yaygara
    v. acı acı bağırmak, çığlık atmak, feryat etmek, yırtınmak, avazı çıktığı kadar bağırmak
    * * *
    1. feryat et (v.) 2. feryat (n.)
    * * *
    [ʃri:k] 1. verb
    (to give out, or say with, a high scream or laugh: She shrieked whenever she saw a spider; shrieking with laughter.) acı acı bağırmak, feryat etmek
    2. noun
    (such a scream or laugh: She gave a shriek as she felt someone grab her arm; shrieks of laughter.) çığlık, feryat

    English-Turkish dictionary > shriek

  • 104 sit out

    sonuna kadar oturmak, fazla uzun kalmak, katılmamak, yeralmamak, oynamamak, dışarıda oturmak
    * * *
    1) (to remain seated during a dance: Let's sit (this one) out.) (yerinde) oturmak
    2) (to remain inactive and wait until the end of: They'll try to sit out the crisis.) sabırla oturup beklemek

    English-Turkish dictionary > sit out

  • 105 so

    n. sol [müz.]
    * * *
    1. bundan dolayı 2. bu yüzden (conn.) 3. çok (adj.) 4. bu yüzden (adv.)
    * * *
    [səu] 1. adverb
    1) ((used in several types of sentence to express degree) to this extent, or to such an extent: `The snake was about so long,' he said, holding his hands about a metre apart; Don't get so worried!; She was so pleased with his progress in school that she bought him a new bicycle; They couldn't all get into the room, there were so many of them; He departed without so much as (= without even) a goodbye; You've been so (= very) kind to me!; Thank you so much!) bu/o kadar
    2) ((used to express manner) in this/that way: As you hope to be treated by others, so you must treat them; He likes everything to be (arranged) just so (= in one particular and precise way); It so happens that I have to go to an important meeting tonight.) öyle, böyle
    3) ((used in place of a word, phrase etc previously used, or something previously stated) as already indicated: `Are you really leaving your job?' `Yes, I've already told you / said so'; `Is she arriving tomorrow?' `Yes, I hope so'; If you haven't read the notice, please do so now; `Is that so (= true)?' `Yes, it's really so'; `Was your father angry?' `Yes, even more so than I was expecting - in fact, so much so that he refused to speak to me all day!) öyle, doğru, haklısın
    4) (in the same way; also: `I hope we'll meet again.' `So do I.'; She has a lot of money and so has her husband.)...-de/da
    5) ((used to express agreement or confirmation) indeed: `You said you were going shopping today.' `So I did, but I've changed my mind.'; `You'll need this book tomorrow, won't you?' `So I will.') gerçekten, hakikaten, tabii
    2. conjunction
    ((and) therefore: John had a bad cold, so I took him to the doctor; `So you think you'd like this job, then?' `Yes.'; And so they got married and lived happily ever after.) onun için, bu nedenle
    - so-so
    - and so on/forth
    - or so
    - so as to
    - so far, so good
    - so that
    - so to say/speak

    English-Turkish dictionary > so

  • 106 so far

    şimdiye kadar, buraya kadar, şimdiye dek, o kadar uzak
    * * *
    şimdiye kadar
    * * *
    1) (until now: So far we have been quite successful.) şu ana kadar
    2) (up to a certain point: We can get so far but no further without more help.) belli bir yere kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > so far

  • 107 so much for

    (that's all that can be said about: So much for that - let's talk about something else; He arrived half an hour late - so much for his punctuality!) bu kadar (yeter)

    English-Turkish dictionary > so much for

  • 108 soaking wet

    adj. iliklerine kadar ıslanmış, sırılsıklam, sırsıklam, su gibi
    * * *
    (soaking; very wet: I've washed my hair and it's still soaking wet.) çok ıslak

    English-Turkish dictionary > soaking wet

  • 109 some

    adj. bir parça, biraz, bazı, kimi, bir takım, bir, çok, epey, yaklaşık, takriben, amma, acayip, ne biçim, süper, çok iyi
    adv. biraz, aşağı yukarı, civarında, bir dereceye kadar
    pron. bazı, kimi, bazısı, kimisi, bazıları, herhangi bir
    * * *
    * * *
    1. pronoun, adjective
    1) (an indefinite amount or number (of): I can see some people walking across the field; You'll need some money if you're going shopping; Some of the ink was spilt on the desk.) bazı, birkaç tane
    2) ((said with emphasis) a certain, or small, amount or number (of): `Has she any experience of the work?' `Yes, she has some.'; Some people like the idea and some don't.) biraz, bazı, kimi
    3) ((said with emphasis) at least one / a few / a bit (of): Surely there are some people who agree with me?; I don't need much rest from work, but I must have some.) bazı; biraz
    4) (certain: He's quite kind in some ways.) bazı
    2. adjective
    1) (a large, considerable or impressive (amount or number of): I spent some time trying to convince her; I'll have some problem sorting out these papers!) epeyce, bir hayli
    2) (an unidentified or unnamed (thing, person etc): She was hunting for some book that she's lost.) bir
    3) ((used with numbers) about; at a rough estimate: There were some thirty people at the reception.) aşağı yukarı, civarında
    3. adverb
    ((American) somewhat; to a certain extent: I think we've progressed some.) biraz, az çok
    - someday
    - somehow
    - someone
    - something
    - sometime
    - sometimes
    - somewhat
    - somewhere
    - mean something
    - or something
    - something like
    - something tells me

    English-Turkish dictionary > some

  • 110 somewhat

    adv. bir dereceye kadar, bir parça, oldukça, bir miktar, biraz, birazcık, az çok, bir tür
    pron. bir miktar, biraz, az çok, bir tür, bir parça
    * * *
    * * *
    adverb (rather; a little: He is somewhat sad; The news puzzled me somewhat.) biraz

    English-Turkish dictionary > somewhat

  • 111 squall

    n. bora, sağanak, kasırga, fırtına, ani ve şiddetli rüzgâr, kargaşa
    v. fırtına çıkmak, fırtına patlamak, yaygara koparmak, feryat etmek, avazı çıktığı kadar bağırmak, cırlamak, ciyak ciyak bağırmak
    * * *
    1. yaygara kopar (v.) 2. yaygara (n.)
    * * *
    (a sudden violent wind, eg bringing rain: The ship was struck by a squall.) bora

    English-Turkish dictionary > squall

  • 112 stick it out

    sonuna kadar dayanmak
    * * *
    (to endure a situation for as long as necessary.) sonuna kadar dayanmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > stick it out

  • 113 such

    adj. öyle, böyle, bu gibi, bu tür, o kadar, çok
    adv. çok, öylesine, böylesine, oldukça
    pron. bu gibi, o gibi
    * * *
    * * *
    1. adjective
    1) (of the same kind as that already mentioned or being mentioned: Animals that gnaw, such as mice, rats, rabbits and weasels are called rodents; He came from Bradford or some such place; She asked to see Mr Johnson but was told there was no such person there; I've seen several such buildings; I've never done such a thing before; doctors, dentists and such people.) bunun/onun gibi, böyle
    2) (of the great degree already mentioned or being mentioned: If you had telephoned her, she wouldn't have got into such a state of anxiety; She never used to get such bad headaches (as she does now).) öyle, böyle, o/bu kadar
    3) (of the great degree, or the kind, to have a particular result: He shut the window with such force that the glass broke; She's such a good teacher that the headmaster asked her not to leave; Their problems are such as to make it impossible for them to live together any more.) öyle
    4) (used for emphasis: This is such a shock! They have been such good friends to me!) öyle (bir), öylesine
    2. pronoun
    (such a person or thing, or such persons or things: I have only a few photographs, but can show you such as I have; This isn't a good book as such (= as a book) but it has interesting pictures.) bu/o şey, bu olay
    - such-and-such
    - such as it is

    English-Turkish dictionary > such

  • 114 that

    adj. öteki
    adv. bu kadar, o kadar, böyle
    conj. şu, o, ki, diye, için
    pron. şu, o, ki, diye
    * * *
    * * *
    1. [ðæt] plural - those; adjective
    (used to indicate a person, thing etc spoken of before, not close to the speaker, already known to the speaker and listener etc: Don't take this book - take that one; At that time, I was living in Italy; When are you going to return those books?) o, şu
    2. pronoun
    (used to indicate a thing etc, or (in plural or with the verb be) person or people, spoken of before, not close to the speaker, already known to the speaker and listener etc: What is that you've got in your hand?; Who is that?; That is the Prime Minister; Those present at the concert included the composer and his wife.) o, şu
    3. [ðət, ðæt] relative pronoun
    (used to refer to a person, thing etc mentioned in a preceding clause in order to distinguish it from others: Where is the parcel that arrived this morning?; Who is the man (that) you were talking to?)...-en/an
    4. [ðət, ðæt] conjunction
    1) ((often omitted) used to report what has been said etc or to introduce other clauses giving facts, reasons, results etc: I know (that) you didn't do it; I was surprised (that) he had gone.)...ki...-ı/i
    2) (used to introduce expressions of sorrow, wishes etc: That I should be accused of murder!; Oh, that I were with her now!) (ah bir) (ol)saydı, (yap)saydık
    5. adverb
    (so; to such an extent: I didn't realize she was that ill.) o kadar
    - that's that

    English-Turkish dictionary > that

  • 115 that's that

    (an expression used to show that a decision has been made, that something has been completed, made impossible etc: He has said that we can't do it, so that's that.) işte o kadar, mesele kapanmıştır

    English-Turkish dictionary > that's that

  • 116 the ..., the ...

    ((with comparative adjective or adverb) used to show the connection or relationship between two actions, states, processes etc: The harder you work, the more you earn.) ne (kadar)... ise, (o kadar)

    English-Turkish dictionary > the ..., the ...

  • 117 the less ... the less/more

    (etc: The less I see of him, the better (pleased I'll be)!; The less I practise, the less confident I become; The less I try, the more I succeed.) ne kadar az... o kadar...

    English-Turkish dictionary > the less ... the less/more

  • 118 the more ... the more/less

    The more I see her, the more/less I like her.) ne kadar... ise, o kadar fazla

    English-Turkish dictionary > the more ... the more/less

  • 119 the sooner the better

    ne kadar erken o kadar iyi, ne kadar çabuk olursa o kadar iyi
    * * *
    (as quickly as possible: `When shall I tell him?' `The sooner the better!') ne kadar erken... o kadar iyi

    English-Turkish dictionary > the sooner the better

  • 120 this

    adv. bu kadar, böyle
    pron. bu
    * * *
    * * *
    [ðis] 1. plural - these; adjective
    1) (used to indicate a person, thing etc nearby or close in time: This book is better than that (one); I prefer these trousers.) bu
    2) (used in stories to indicate a person, thing etc that one is describing or about to describe: Then this man arrived.) bu
    2. pronoun
    (used for a thing etc or a person nearby or close in time: Read this - you'll like it; This is my friend John Smith.) bu
    3. adverb
    (so; to this degree: I didn't think it would be this easy.) böyle, bu kadar

    English-Turkish dictionary > this

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