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  • 1 jump

    1. verb
    1) (to (cause to) go quickly off the ground with a springing movement: He jumped off the wall / across the puddle / over the fallen tree / into the swimming-pool; Don't jump the horse over that fence!) a sări, a sălta, a face să salte
    2) (to rise; to move quickly (upwards): She jumped to her feet; He jumped into the car.) a sări
    3) (to make a startled movement: The noise made me jump.) a tresări
    4) (to pass over (a gap etc) by bounding: He jumped the stream easily.) a sări (peste)
    2. noun
    1) (an act of jumping: She crossed the stream in one jump.) săritură
    2) (an obstacle to be jumped over: Her horse fell at the third jump.) obstacol
    3) (a jumping competition: the high jump.) salt
    4) (a startled movement: She gave a jump when the door suddenly banged shut.) tresărire
    5) (a sudden rise, eg in prices: There has been a jump in the price of potatoes.) creştere bruscă
    - jump at
    - jump for joy
    - jump on
    - jump the gun
    - jump the queue
    - jump to conclusions / jump to the conclusion that
    - jump to it

    English-Romanian dictionary > jump

  • 2 jump to it

    (to hurry up: If you don't jump to it you'll miss the train.) a se grăbi

    English-Romanian dictionary > jump to it

  • 3 jump

    (mat) salt; discontinuitate // a sări (peste)

    English-Romanian technical dictionary > jump

  • 4 jump at

    (to take or accept eagerly: He jumped at the chance to go to Germany for a fortnight.) a primi cu plăcere

    English-Romanian dictionary > jump at

  • 5 jump on

    (to make a sudden attack on: He was waiting round the corner and jumped on me in the dark.) a sări pe

    English-Romanian dictionary > jump on

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