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jet velocity

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  • jet engine — an engine, as an aircraft engine, that produces forward motion by the rearward exhaust of a jet of fluid or heated air and gases. Also called jet, jet motor. [1940 45] * * * Any of a class of internal combustion engines that propel aircraft by… …   Universalium

  • Jet engine — For a general overview of aircraft engines, see Aircraft engine. A Pratt Whitney F100 turbofan engine for the …   Wikipedia

  • Velocity (memory cache) — Velocity was the code name for a distributed cache platform for in memory caches spread across multiple systems, developed by Microsoft. It is now incorporated as the caching element of Microsoft s AppFabric. Design Any number of systems can be a …   Wikipedia

  • Jet ventilation — is a special type of mechanical ventilation for surgical operations in the airway. Jet ventilation (JV) is characterized by the insufflation of gas portions with high velocity into the airway. The latter has to be open to the atmosphere in order… …   Wikipedia

  • jet blast — Jet engine exhaust. The hot, high velocity gases coming out of jet engine exhaust …   Aviation dictionary

  • jet stream — ☆ jet stream n. 1. any of several bands of high velocity winds moving from west to east around the earth at altitudes from c. 12 to 16 km ( c. 8 to 10 mi) 2. the stream of exhaust from any reaction engine: also jetstream n …   English World dictionary

  • Jet engine performance — This article describes how jet engine performance is estimated during the design phase. Similar techniques are used once the engine has been built and is being tested, except the performance of individual components, rather than being assumed, is …   Wikipedia

  • Jet pack — For other meanings see Jetpack (disambiguation). : The Martin Jetpack, despite its name, has no jets or rockets, but is a small helicopter, and is discussed as such. Jet pack, rocket belt, rocket pack, and similar names, are various types of… …   Wikipedia

  • jet — A region of very high blood velocity just downstream of a vessel stenosis. * * * Joint Engineering Team; junctional ectopic tachycardia * * * (jet) [L. iacere to throw] 1. a stream of fluid projected at high velocity under pressure, or the device …   Medical dictionary

  • jet pump — i. A form of a fluid pump in an aircraft fuel system that produces a low pressure by moving fuel at a high velocity through a venturi. A jet pump helps remove vapors from fuel before it enters a fuel control unit. Some of the fuel from the main… …   Aviation dictionary

  • jet — i. An aircraft powered by one or more gas turbine engines. ii. A gas turbine engine may be referred to as a jet engine. iii. A strong, well defined stream of fluid either issuing from an orifice or moving in a contracted duct, such as the jet of… …   Aviation dictionary

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