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  • 1 bad cheque

    • nekrytý šek

    English-Czech dictionary > bad cheque

  • 2 cashed check

    • proplacený šek

    English-Czech dictionary > cashed check

  • 3 certified check

    • potvrzený šek
    • bankou ověřený šek

    English-Czech dictionary > certified check

  • 4 check

    [ ek] 1. verb
    1) (to see if something (eg a sum) is correct or accurate: Will you check my addition?) (z)kontrolovat
    2) (to see if something (eg a machine) is in good condition or working properly: Have you checked the engine (over)?) přezkoušet
    3) (to hold back; to stop: We've checked the flow of water from the burst pipe.) zastavit
    2. noun
    1) (an act of testing or checking.) kontrola, ověření
    2) (something which prevents or holds back: a check on imports.) překážka, omezení
    3) (in chess, a position in which the king is attacked: He put his opponent's king in check.) šach
    4) (a pattern of squares: I like the red check on that material.) kostka (vzorek)
    5) (a ticket received in return for handing in baggage etc.) stvrzenka, lístek
    6) ((especially American) a bill: The check please, waiter!) účet
    7) ((American) a cheque.) šek
    - checkbook
    - check-in
    - checkmate
    3. verb
    (to put (an opponent's king) in this position.) dát mat
    - checkpoint
    - check-up
    - check in
    - check out
    - check up on
    - check up
    * * *
    • zkontrolovat
    • ověřit

    English-Czech dictionary > check

  • 5 cheque

    [ ek]
    (a written order on a printed form telling a bank to pay money to the person named: to pay by cheque.) šek
    - cheque card
    * * *
    • šek
    • složenka

    English-Czech dictionary > cheque

  • 6 chop

    I 1. [ op] past tense, past participle - chopped; verb
    ((sometimes with up) to cut (into small pieces): He chopped up the vegetables.) (roz/na)sekat
    2. noun
    (a slice of mutton, pork etc containing a rib.) kotleta
    - choppy
    - choppiness
    - chop and change
    - chop down
    II [ op] noun
    ((in plural) the jaws or mouth, especially of an animal: the wolf's chops.) čelisti, tlama
    * * *
    • tnout
    • useknout
    • řízek
    • sečná rána
    • seknutí
    • sek
    • sekat
    • štípat
    • kotleta

    English-Czech dictionary > chop

  • 7 cut

    1. present participle - cutting; verb
    1) (to make an opening in, usually with something with a sharp edge: He cut the paper with a pair of scissors.) stříhat; řezat
    2) (to separate or divide by cutting: She cut a slice of bread; The child cut out the pictures; She cut up the meat into small pieces.) uříznout; rozřezat; nakrájet
    3) (to make by cutting: She cut a hole in the cloth.) vystřihnout
    4) (to shorten by cutting; to trim: to cut hair; I'll cut the grass.) (o)stříhat; posekat
    5) (to reduce: They cut my wages by ten per cent.) snížit
    6) (to remove: They cut several passages from the film.) vystřihnout
    7) (to wound or hurt by breaking the skin (of): I cut my hand on a piece of glass.) říznout se
    8) (to divide (a pack of cards).) sejmout
    9) (to stop: When the actress said the wrong words, the director ordered `Cut!') stop!
    10) (to take a short route or way: He cut through/across the park on his way to the office; A van cut in in front of me on the motorway.) zkrátit si cestu
    11) (to meet and cross (a line or geometrical figure): An axis cuts a circle in two places.) protínat
    12) (to stay away from (a class, lecture etc): He cut school and went to the cinema.) ulít se
    13) ((also cut dead) to ignore completely: She cut me dead in the High Street.) ignorovat
    2. noun
    1) (the result of an act of cutting: a cut on the head; a power-cut (= stoppage of electrical power); a haircut; a cut in prices.) řez; výpadek; sestřih; snížení
    2) (the way in which something is tailored, fashioned etc: the cut of the jacket.) střih
    3) (a piece of meat cut from an animal: a cut of beef.) plátek
    - cutting 3. adjective
    (insulting or offending: a cutting remark.) jedovatý
    - cut-price
    - cut-throat
    4. adjective
    (fierce; ruthless: cut-throat business competition.) bezohledný
    - cut and dried
    - cut back
    - cut both ways
    - cut a dash
    - cut down
    - cut in
    - cut it fine
    - cut no ice
    - cut off
    - cut one's losses
    - cut one's teeth
    - cut out
    - cut short
    * * *
    • tnout
    • zkrátit
    • seknutí
    • sekat
    • řezat
    • sek
    • rozřezat
    • řez
    • říznutí
    • snížit
    • střih
    • snížení
    • krájet
    • cut/cut/cut

    English-Czech dictionary > cut

  • 8 endorse

    1) (to write one's signature on the back of (a cheque).) podepsat na rubu
    2) (to make a note of an offence on (a driving licence).) proštípnout kupón
    3) (to give one's approval to (a decision, statement etc): The court endorsed the judge's decision.) schválit
    * * *
    • podepsat šek
    • schvalovat

    English-Czech dictionary > endorse

  • 9 hack

    [hæk] 1. verb
    1) (to cut or chop up roughly: The butcher hacked the beef into large pieces.) rozsekat
    2) (to cut (a path etc) roughly: He hacked his way through the jungle; He hacked (out) a path through the jungle.) prosekat (si)
    2. noun
    1) (a rough cut made in something: He marked the tree by making a few hacks on the trunk.) zásek
    2) (a horse, or in the United States, a car, for hire.) nájemný kůň; taxi
    - hacking
    - hacksaw
    * * *
    • výjimečný čin
    • sekat
    • sek

    English-Czech dictionary > hack

  • 10 homosexual

    [homə'sekʃuəl, houmo-]
    adjective, noun
    1) ((a person, especially a man, who is) sexually attracted to people of the same sex.) homosexuál; homosexuální
    2) ( adjective of or concerning a homosexual or homosexuals: a homosexual relationship.) homosexuální
    * * *
    • homosexuální
    • homosexuál

    English-Czech dictionary > homosexual

  • 11 second

    I 1. ['sekənd] adjective
    1) (next after, or following, the first in time, place etc: February is the second month of the year; She finished the race in second place.) druhý
    2) (additional or extra: a second house in the country.) druhý, další
    3) (lesser in importance, quality etc: She's a member of the school's second swimming team.) druhý
    2. adverb
    (next after the first: He came second in the race.) jako druhý
    3. noun
    1) (a second person, thing etc: You're the second to arrive.) druhý, -á
    2) (a person who supports and helps a person who is fighting in a boxing match etc.) sekundant
    4. verb
    (to agree with (something said by a previous speaker), especially to do so formally: He proposed the motion and I seconded it.) podpořit
    5. noun
    (a secondary school.) škola druhého stupně, střední
    - secondly
    - secondary colours
    - secondary school
    - second-best
    - second-class
    - second-hand
    - second lieutenant
    - second-rate
    - second sight
    - second thoughts
    - at second hand
    - come off second best
    - every second week
    - month
    - second to none
    II ['sekənd] noun
    1) (the sixtieth part of a minute: He ran the race in three minutes and forty-two seconds.) sekunda
    2) (a short time: I'll be there in a second.) vteřinka
    * * *
    • vteřina
    • sekunda
    • druhotný
    • druhý

    English-Czech dictionary > second

  • 12 section

    1) (a part or division: He divided the orange into sections; There is disagreement in one section of the community; the accounts section of the business.) část, díl, vrstva
    2) (a view of the inside of anything when, or as if, it is cut right through or across: a section of the stem of a flower.) řez, průřez
    * * *
    • úsek
    • segment
    • sekce
    • skupina
    • segmentovat
    • rozdělit
    • oddělení
    • paragraf
    • oddíl

    English-Czech dictionary > section

  • 13 sexual

    adjective (concerned with the production of young or children: the sexual organs.) pohlavní
    * * *
    • pohlavní
    • sexuální

    English-Czech dictionary > sexual

  • 14 slash

    [slæʃ] 1. verb
    1) (to make long cuts in (cloth etc): He slashed his victim's face with a razor.) pořezat
    2) ((with at) to strike out violently at (something): He slashed at the bush angrily with a stick.) mlátit
    3) (to reduce greatly: A notice in the shop window read `Prices slashed!') snížit
    2. noun
    1) (a long cut or slit.) (zá)řez, sek
    2) (a sweeping blow.) dlouhá řezná rána
    * * *
    • rozřezat
    • rozparek
    • snížit
    • lomítko
    • bičovat

    English-Czech dictionary > slash

  • 15 traveler's check

    • cestovní šek

    English-Czech dictionary > traveler's check

  • 16 blank cheque

    (a signed cheque on which the sum to be paid has not been entered.) bianko šek

    English-Czech dictionary > blank cheque

  • 17 traveller's cheque

    noun ((American traveler's check) a cheque that a person can use in a foreign country instead of money, or to change into local money.) cestovní šek

    English-Czech dictionary > traveller's cheque

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