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it's there on top

  • 1 fantástico2

    2 = fantastic, wayout, out of this world, smash, fantastical, light fantastic, a stormer of, tip-top, picture-perfect.
    Ex. GODORT has done a fantastic job of dealing with and solving documents problems.
    Ex. By asking readers to indicate whether the reference had been of interest or not, a degree of feedback can be obtained which can be used to modify their profiles, but there will never be any means of foretelling the ' wayout' article which may prove of interest.
    Ex. I get a kick when I'm on my racing bike, and when I have my skates on it's out of this world.
    Ex. The cooperative venture 'StoryLines America' joins libraries and public radio in smash kick-off.
    Ex. Adorno's distinction between fantastical thought & the commodification of fantasy in the form of literature is addressed.
    Ex. The article is entitled 'Networking the light fantastic. CD-ROMs on LANs'.
    Ex. After only two days rehearsal we did a stormer of a gig from my point of view which went down a treat to a packed house.
    Ex. It's a tip-top place from top to bottom with no letdowns whatsoever.
    Ex. The opening day of the pheasant hunting season was almost picture-perfect as warm temperatures and sunshine were the order of the day.
    * sentirse fantástico = feel + tip-top.

    Spanish-English dictionary > fantástico2

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