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it therefore follows that

  • 1 tanto1

    * al tanto = in the know, in step.
    * al tanto de = on the lookout for, on the alert for, in step with.
    * debe por lo tanto ser una consecuencia lógica que = it must therefore follow that.
    * en tanto por ciento = percentage-wise.
    * estar al tanto = monitor + developments.
    * estar al tanto de = be on the lookout for, keep + track of, keep + Posesivo + eyes peeled, keep + Posesivo + eyes skinned.
    * estar al tanto de las cosas = stay on + top of things, keep on + top of things, be on top of things.
    * mantenerse al tanto = stay + tuned.
    * mantenerse al tanto de = keep in + sync, keep + a finger on the pulse of, keep + track of, stay in + step with, keep in + step with, keep + step with.
    * mantenerse al tanto de las cosas = stay on + top of things, keep on + top of things, be on top of things.
    * mantenerse al tanto de las noticias = keep up with + the news.
    * mantenerse al tanto de los avances = track + developments.
    * mientras tanto = in (the) meantime, meantime, ad interim.
    * no estar al tanto de = be out of touch with.
    * otros tantos = as many.
    * poner a Alguien al tanto de = fill + Alguien + in on.
    * poner al tanto (de) = bring into + the swim of, bring + Nombre + up to speed (on), get + Nombre + up to speed on.
    * poner al tanto sobre = give + Nombre + the lowdown on.
    * ponerse al tanto = get + up to speed, wise up.
    * ponerse al tanto de = get up to + speed on.
    * por lo tanto = consequently, ergo, so, then, thereby, therefore, thus, it follows that.
    * por tanto = consequently, ergo, so, then, thereby, therefore, thus, it follows that.

    Spanish-English dictionary > tanto1

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