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it came to my knowledge

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  • came to his knowledge — it was made known to him, he was informed, it came to his attention …   English contemporary dictionary

  • knowledge — n. 1) to acquire, accumulate, gain knowledge 2) to demonstrate, display, show; flaunt, parade one s knowledge (of a subject) 3) to communicate, disseminate; impart knowledge 4) to absorb, assimilate, soak up knowledge 5) (esp. BE) to bring smt.… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • knowledge — noun (U) 1 the facts, skills, and understanding that you have gained through learning or experience: You need specialist knowledge to do this job. (+ of): His knowledge of ancient civilizations is unrivalled. (+ about): We now have greater… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Knowledge representation — is an area in artificial intelligence that is concerned with how to formally think , that is, how to use a symbol system to represent a domain of discourse that which can be talked about, along with functions that may or may not be within the… …   Wikipedia

  • Knowledge of Jesus Christ — • Knowledge of Jesus Christ, as used in this article, does not mean a summary of what we know about Jesus Christ, but a survey of the intellectual endowment of Christ Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Knowledge of Jesus Christ      …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Knowledge Bowl — is an interdisciplinary academic competition involving teams of four students trying to answer questions in a written round and several oral rounds. No team is eliminated in this event, and every team participates in every round. Knowledge Bowl… …   Wikipedia

  • Knowledge Politics — is a virtual think tank operating from the United Kingdom, focusing exclusively on promoting political and policy research on the subject of the information society . Aims and origins Knowledge Politics was launched in late 2006 by a group of… …   Wikipedia

  • Knowledge economics — Articleissues wikify=March 2008 unreferenced=March 2008 OR=March 2008Knowledge economics is the study of knowledge as a commodity. Early history Knowledge first came into prominence in economics with the paper written by Friedrich Hayek in 1945… …   Wikipedia

  • Knowledge of Christ — Stained glass window of Christ, Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia. The knowledge of …   Wikipedia

  • knowledge engineer — (NAWL.ij en.juh.neer) n. A person who gathers knowledge and incorporates it into computer programs such as expert systems and natural language processing systems. Example Citation: But now dozens of technology start ups are commercializing… …   New words

  • Came — Come Come, v. i. [imp. {Came}; p. p. {Come}; p. pr & vb. n. {Coming}.] [OE. cumen, comen, AS. cuman; akin to OS.kuman, D. komen, OHG. queman, G. kommen, Icel. koma, Sw. komma, Dan. komme, Goth. giman, L. venire (gvenire), Gr. ? to go, Skr. gam.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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