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intramolecular cyclization

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  • Nazarov cyclization reaction — The Nazarov cyclization reaction (often referred to as simply the Nazarov cyclization) is a chemical reaction used in organic chemistry for the synthesis of cyclopentenones. The reaction is typically divided into classical and modern variants,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Madelung synthesis — The Madelung synthesis is a chemical reaction that produces (substituted or unsubstituted) indoles by the intramolecular cyclization of N phenylamides using strong base at high temperature.This method is essentially confined to the preparation of …   Wikipedia

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  • hemiketal — RC(R′)(OH)OR″, a product of the addition of an alcohol to a ketone. In the ketose sugars, the h. formation is from an attack by an internal OH on the ketone carbonyl leading to intramolecular cyclization ( …   Medical dictionary

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