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  • 1 int.

    n. inre, invärtes, invändig
    n. internationell

    English-Swedish dictionary > int.

  • 2 Internet

    n. internationellt datornät som har den största utbredningen och bygger på TCP/IP (data)
    * * *
    ['intənet, ]( American[) 'intərnet]
    (a worldwide computer network that provides information on very many subjects and enables users to exchange messages.) Internet

    English-Swedish dictionary > Internet

  • 3 interact

    v. växelverka, påverka ömsesidigt
    * * *
    ((of two or more people, things etc) to act, or have some effect, on each other.) interagera, påverka varandra
    - interactive

    English-Swedish dictionary > interact

  • 4 intercede

    v. föra någons talan, medla, gå emellan
    * * *
    1) (to try to put an end to a fight, argument etc between two people, countries etc: All attempts to intercede between the two nations failed.) medla
    2) (to try to persuade someone not to do something to someone else: The condemned murderer's family interceded (with the President) on his behalf.) lägga sig ut, göra förbön

    English-Swedish dictionary > intercede

  • 5 intercept

    v. avleda; stoppa, hejda; hindra; skära av (vägen för); mottaga (sändning etc.); skära av (inom ingenjörsvetenskap)
    * * *
    (to stop or catch (a person, thing etc) before he, it etc arrives at the place to which he, it etc is going, being sent etc: The messenger was intercepted on his way to the king.) genskjuta, hejda, snappa upp

    English-Swedish dictionary > intercept

  • 6 interchange

    n. utfart, infart, vägkorsning; växling; utbyte
    v. byta; få att utbyta; utbyta; hända omväxlande
    * * *
    ['intə ein‹]
    1) (a place where two or more main roads or motorways at different levels are joined by means of several small roads, so allowing cars etc to move from one road to another.) trafikplats
    2) ((an) exchange: an interchange of ideas.) utbyte

    English-Swedish dictionary > interchange

  • 7 intercom

    n. lokaltelefon; lokaltelefonsystem
    * * *
    (a system of communication within an aeroplane, factory etc usually by means of microphones and loudspeakers: The pilot spoke to the passengers over the intercom.) snabbtelefon, inombordsradio

    English-Swedish dictionary > intercom

  • 8 intercourse

    n. samlag, sexuellt umgänge; beröring, förbindelse; umgänge; tvist, förhandling; meningsutbyte
    * * *
    1) (sexual act.) sexuellt umgänge, samlag
    2) (conversation, business dealings, trade etc between two or more people, countries etc.) umgänge, gemenskap, förbindelse

    English-Swedish dictionary > intercourse

  • 9 interest

    n. intresse; angelägenhet; intressesfär; ränta; del, andel (i en affär etc.); fördel; anspråk
    v. intressera; väcka intresse
    * * *
    ['intrəst, ]( American[) 'intərist] 1. noun
    1) (curiosity; attention: That newspaper story is bound to arouse interest.) intresse
    2) (a matter, activity etc that is of special concern to one: Gardening is one of my main interests.) intresse
    3) (money paid in return for borrowing a usually large sum of money: The (rate of) interest on this loan is eight per cent; ( also adjective) the interest rate.) ränta
    4) ((a share in the ownership of) a business firm etc: He bought an interest in the night-club.) andel
    5) (a group of connected businesses which act together to their own advantage: I suspect that the scheme will be opposed by the banking interest (= all the banks acting together).) intressent, intresserad krets
    2. verb
    1) (to arouse the curiosity and attention of; to be of importance or concern to: Political arguments don't interest me at all.) intressera
    2) ((with in) to persuade to do, buy etc: Can I interest you in (buying) this dictionary?) göra intresserad, väcka intresse
    - interesting
    - interestingly
    - in one's own interest
    - in one's interest
    - in the interests of
    - in the interest of
    - lose interest
    - take an interest

    English-Swedish dictionary > interest

  • 10 interfere

    v. lägga sig i; störa; lägga näsan i blöt; kollidera; hindra
    * * *
    1) ((often with in, with) to (try to) become involved in etc, when one's help etc is not wanted: I wish you would stop interfering (with my plans); Don't interfere in other people's business!) lägga (blanda) sig i
    2) ((with with) to prevent, stop or slow down the progress of: He doesn't let anything interfere with his game of golf on Saturday mornings.) störa, inkräkta på
    - interfering

    English-Swedish dictionary > interfere

  • 11 interjection

    n. inkast, inpass; utrop; (grammatik) interjektion
    * * *
    1) (a word or words, or some noise, used to express surprise, dismay, pain or other feelings and emotions: Oh dear! I think I've lost my key; Ouch! That hurts!) interjektion
    2) (the act of interjecting something.) utrop

    English-Swedish dictionary > interjection

  • 12 interlock

    n. interlock (en tygsort)
    v. blanda in, hänga ihop; vara inblandad, vara sammankopplad
    * * *
    ((of two or more pieces or parts) to fit or fasten together: The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle interlock; interlocking pieces.) gripa i varandra, hänga ihop

    English-Swedish dictionary > interlock

  • 13 interlude

    n. interludium; paus, mellanperiod; pausmelodi; mellanspel
    * * *
    (a usually short period or gap, eg between the acts of a play etc: We bought an ice-cream during the interlude; an interlude of calm during the violence.) uppehåll, paus

    English-Swedish dictionary > interlude

  • 14 intermarry

    v. praktisera blandäktenskap; praktisera ingifte
    * * *
    ((of tribes, families etc) to marry one another: The invaders intermarried with the local population; The two families intermarried.) förenas genom giftermål, gifta in sig

    English-Swedish dictionary > intermarry

  • 15 intermediary

    adj. förmedlande, mellanliggande; mellan-
    n. förmedlare, mellanhand; mellansteg; mellanliggande
    * * *
    plural - intermediaries; noun
    (a person who takes messages from one person to another in a dispute etc, especially in order to settle the dispute.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > intermediary

  • 16 intermediate

    adj. mellan-, mitten-
    n. förmedlare, mellanhand; sak som befinner sig mitt emellan
    v. förmedla, agera mellanhand
    * * *
    (in the middle; placed between two things, stages etc: An intermediate English course is more advanced than a beginners' course, but not as difficult as an advanced course.) mellan-, fortsättnings-

    English-Swedish dictionary > intermediate

  • 17 intermission

    n. paus, avbrott
    * * *
    (a usually short pause or gap between two (television or radio) programmes, parts of a programme, play etc.) uppehåll, avbrott, paus

    English-Swedish dictionary > intermission

  • 18 intermittent

    adj. intermittent, avbruten, oregelbunden, periodisk
    * * *
    (happening occasionally; stopping for a while and then starting again: an intermittent pain.) periodisk, som kommer och går

    English-Swedish dictionary > intermittent

  • 19 intern

    n. assistentläkare, praktikant
    v. läkarkandidera (medicin); spärra in, internera
    * * *
    I [in'tə:n] verb
    (during a war, to keep (someone who belongs to an enemy nation but who is living in one's own country) a prisoner.) internera
    II ['intə:n] noun
    ((American) (also interne) a junior doctor resident in a hospital.) [] läkarkandidat

    English-Swedish dictionary > intern

  • 20 international

    n. internationell, världsomfattande, mellanfolklig
    * * *
    [intə'næʃənl] 1. adjective
    (involving, or done by, two or more nations: international trade; an international football match.) internationell
    2. noun
    1) (a football etc match played between teams from two countries.) landskamp
    2) ((also internationalist) a player in such a match.) landskampsspelare, landslagsspelare

    English-Swedish dictionary > international

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