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  • 1 int.

    economy interest; interior; internal; international; intelligence; interval; interim

    English-Slovenian dictionary > int.

  • 2 int.al.


    English-Slovenian dictionary > int.al.

  • 3 int.comb.


    English-Slovenian dictionary > int.comb.

  • 4 ex. int.


    English-Slovenian dictionary > ex. int.

  • 5 x-i., x.i., x-int.

    eɔ interest, without interest ɔmas, ɔm Christmas

    English-Slovenian dictionary > x-i., x.i., x-int.

  • 6 interact

    ((of two or more people, things etc) to act, or have some effect, on each other.) medsebojno delovati
    - interactive
    * * *
    I [íntərækt]
    theatre medigra, odmor
    II [intəraekt]
    intransitive verb
    vzajemno delovati, medsebojno vplivati

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interact

  • 7 intercept

    (to stop or catch (a person, thing etc) before he, it etc arrives at the place to which he, it etc is going, being sent etc: The messenger was intercepted on his way to the king.) prestreči
    * * *
    I [intəsépt]
    mathematics del črte med dvema točkama; prestrežena radijska vest
    II [intəsépt]
    transitive verb
    prestreči, ustaviti, prekiniti, zapreti (pot), presekati (zvezo), preprečiti, ujeti, prisluškovati
    mathematics potegniti črto med dvema točkama ( between); economy to intercept tradeovirati kupčijo

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intercept

  • 8 interchange

    ['intə ein‹]
    1) (a place where two or more main roads or motorways at different levels are joined by means of several small roads, so allowing cars etc to move from one road to another.) deteljica, nivojsko križišče
    2) ((an) exchange: an interchange of ideas.) izmenjava
    * * *
    I [íntəčeindž]
    izmenjava, zamenjava, zamena, izmena; economy menjalna trgovina
    II [intəčéindž]
    transitive verb
    izmenjati, zamenjati ( with s, z, for za);
    intransitive verb
    izmenjati si

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interchange

  • 9 intermediate

    (in the middle; placed between two things, stages etc: An intermediate English course is more advanced than a beginners' course, but not as difficult as an advanced course.) vmesen
    * * *
    I [intəmí:djət]
    adjective ( intermediately adverb)
    vmesen, posredovalen ( between);
    posrednik; figuratively zveza
    II [intəmí:dieit]
    intransitive verb
    posredovati ( between med)

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intermediate

  • 10 international

    [intə'næʃənl] 1. adjective
    (involving, or done by, two or more nations: international trade; an international football match.) mednaroden
    2. noun
    1) (a football etc match played between teams from two countries.) mednarodna tekma
    2) ((also internationalist) a player in such a match.) tekmovalec na mednarodni tekmi
    * * *
    I [intənaešnəl]
    adjective ( internationally adverb)
    II [intənaešnəl]
    sport tekmovalec na mednarodnih tekmah, mednarodna tekma

    English-Slovenian dictionary > international

  • 11 interview

    ['intəvju:] 1. noun
    (a formal meeting and discussion with someone, eg a person applying for a job, or a person with information to broadcast on radio or television.) intervju
    2. verb
    (to question (a person) in an interview: They interviewed seven people for the job; He was interviewed by reporters about his policies.) izpraševati
    * * *
    I [íntəvju:]
    intervju, pogovor za javnost, sestanek
    II [íntəvju:]
    transitive verb
    imeti s kom intervju, intervjuvati

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interview

  • 12 intercalary

    [intɜ:kələri, intəkaeləri]
    prestopen, vrinjen (dan v koledarju); vmesen
    intercalary day — prestopni dan (29. februar)

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intercalary

  • 13 intercede

    1) (to try to put an end to a fight, argument etc between two people, countries etc: All attempts to intercede between the two nations failed.) posredovati
    2) (to try to persuade someone not to do something to someone else: The condemned murderer's family interceded (with the President) on his behalf.) posredovati
    * * *
    intransitive verb
    posredovati, prositi za koga, zavzeti se ( with pri kom, for za koga)

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intercede

  • 14 intercom

    (a system of communication within an aeroplane, factory etc usually by means of microphones and loudspeakers: The pilot spoke to the passengers over the intercom.) zvočnik
    * * *
    notranja telefonska zveza (v letalu, tanku)

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intercom

  • 15 intercourse

    1) (sexual act.) občevanje
    2) (conversation, business dealings, trade etc between two or more people, countries etc.) poslovni odnosi
    * * *
    stik, druženje, občevanje, spolno občevanje ( between med, with s, z); economy poslovna zveza, poslovni pormet

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intercourse

  • 16 interfere

    1) ((often with in, with) to (try to) become involved in etc, when one's help etc is not wanted: I wish you would stop interfering (with my plans); Don't interfere in other people's business!) vmešavati se
    2) ((with with) to prevent, stop or slow down the progress of: He doesn't let anything interfere with his game of golf on Saturday mornings.) preprečiti
    - interfering
    * * *
    intransitive verb
    motiti, ovirati ( with pri); nadlegovati, preprečiti, prekiniti; vtikati se, vmeša(va)ti se (in v), poseči vmes; politics intervenirati; ukvarjati se ( with s, z); figuratively kolidirati, nasprotovati si, priti navzkriž; American juridically uveljaviti prioritetno pravico (za iznajdbo); kresati se (konj); physics povzročiti interferenco, sovpadati (valovi); sport ovirati nasprotnika

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interfere

  • 17 interjection

    1) (a word or words, or some noise, used to express surprise, dismay, pain or other feelings and emotions: Oh dear! I think I've lost my key; Ouch! That hurts!) vzklik
    2) (the act of interjecting something.) vzklik
    * * *
    vzklik, medklic; grammar medmet, interjekcija

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interjection

  • 18 interlock

    ((of two or more pieces or parts) to fit or fasten together: The pieces of a jigsaw puzzle interlock; interlocking pieces.) prilegati se
    * * *
    transitive verb
    spojiti, trdno speti; sinkronizirati signalne naprave;
    intransitive verb
    spojiti se, biti trdno spet

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interlock

  • 19 interlude

    (a usually short period or gap, eg between the acts of a play etc: We bought an ice-cream during the interlude; an interlude of calm during the violence.) odmor
    * * *
    theatre medigra; history vmesna igra v srednjeveški drami, interludij; music medigra, intermezzo; figuratively presledek, epizoda

    English-Slovenian dictionary > interlude

  • 20 intermarry

    ((of tribes, families etc) to marry one another: The invaders intermarried with the local population; The two families intermarried.) med seboj se poročati
    * * *
    intransitive verb
    med seboj se poročati, poročati se s pripadniki drugih plemen ali ras ( with)

    English-Slovenian dictionary > intermarry

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