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  • insulinopenia — in·su·lino·pe·nia (in″sə lin″o peґne ə) deficient secretion of insulin by the pancreas, resulting in hyperglycemia. Called also hypoinsulinism. insulinopenic adj …   Medical dictionary

  • hypoinsulinism — hy·po·in·su·lin·ism in(t) s(ə )lə .niz əm n deficient secretion of insulin by the pancreas * * * n. a deficiency of insulin due either to inadequate secretion of the hormone by the pancreas or to inadequate treatment of diabetes mellitus. * * *… …   Medical dictionary

  • malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus — (MRDM) a rare type of diabetes mellitus associated with chronic malnutrition and characterized by beta cell failure, insulinopenia, insulin resistance, and moderate to severe hyperglycemia, but without ketosis. Called also tropical or tropical… …   Medical dictionary

  • type 1 diabetes mellitus — (T1DM) one of the two major types of diabetes mellitus: an autoimmune disease that results in the destruction beta cells of the pancreas, leading to loss of the ability to secrete insulin. It is characterized by abrupt onset of symptoms,… …   Medical dictionary