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inflammatory macrophage

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  • inflammatory macrophage — free m …   Medical dictionary

  • Macrophage migration inhibitory factor — (glycosylation inhibiting factor) PDB rendering based on 1ca7 …   Wikipedia

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  • Macrophage inflammatory protein — protein Name = chemokine (C C motif) ligand 3 caption = width = HGNCid = 10627 Symbol = CCL3 AltSymbols = SCYA3, MIP 1α EntrezGene = 6348 OMIM = 182283 RefSeq = NM 002983 UniProt = P10147 PDB = 1B50 ECnumber = Chromosome = 17 Arm = q Band = 12… …   Wikipedia

  • macrophage inflammatory protein 1 — (= MIP1) Cytokine now recognized to exist in two forms, MIP1 a and MIP1 b (SIS a, TY 5, L2G25B, 464.1, GOS 19 1). Small cytokine (monokine) with inflammatory and chemokinetic properties …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • macrophage — Relatively long lived phagocytic cell of mammalian tissues, derived from blood monocyte. Macrophages from different sites have distinctly different properties. Main types are peritoneal and alveolar macrophages, tissue macrophages (histiocytes),… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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