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inertia-reel seat belt

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  • inertia-reel seat belt — noun A type of self retracting seat belt in which the wearer is constrained only when violent deceleration of the vehicle causes the belt to lock • • • Main Entry: ↑inert …   Useful english dictionary

  • inertia reel seat belt — A 3 point seat belt with an automatic retractor reel. This type of seat belt allows the wearer to move while the vehicle is stationary or in steady motion but locks to restrain the wearer on sudden deceleration or impact …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • reel seat belt — See inertia reel seat belt …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • seat belt — A passive restraint system which encircles the hips to prevent the occupant from being ejected from the vehicle. Often the seat belt is part of the shoulder harness. The use of seat belts is mandatory in every province and state in North America… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Seat belt — This article is about the safety device. For the band, see The Seatbelts. A 3 point seat belt …   Wikipedia

  • inertia reel — noun a reel device which allows a vehicle seat belt to unwind freely but which locks under force of impact or rapid deceleration …   English new terms dictionary

  • inertia reel seatbelt — noun (C) a type of seat belt that will unwind if it is pulled normally but not if it is pulled suddenly …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • automatic seat belt — See inertia reel seat belt …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • rear seat belt — An inertia reel belt attached at each end of the rear seats; a passenger riding in the middle of the rear seats must be satisfied with just a lap belt, which many safety experts regard as inadequate. Some manufacturers (notably those from… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • belt — [1] A reinforcing band, normally textile, fiberglass, or steel, which runs around the circumference of a tire and strengthens the tread area. Also see cog belt [2] A circular band which is used to transfer power from one component to another. For …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • seat — [1] A surface upon which another part rests or seats. Example: valve seat is matched surface upon which valve face rests. [2] Minor wearing of the piston ring surface during initial use. Rings then fit or seat properly against the cylinder wall.… …   Dictionary of automotive terms