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  • Indeterminacy in computation — Indeterminancy in computation may refer to:* Quantum indeterminacy in quantum computers * Nondeterministic finite state machinesIn concurrency: * Indeterminacy in concurrent computation * Unbounded nondeterminism …   Wikipedia

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  • Water Yam (artist's multiple) — Water Yam is an artist s multiple by the American artist George Brecht. Originally published in Germany, June 1963 [Fluxus Codex, Hendricks, Abrams 1989, p216] in a box designed by George Maciunas and typeset by Tomas Schmitt, it has been re… …   Wikipedia

  • Serialismo — El serialismo es un método de composición musical que, como su nombre indica, utiliza series, esto es, grupos de notas sin repeticiones que siguen un determinado orden. El caso más frecuente es el dodecafonismo que emplea las doce notas de la… …   Wikipedia Español

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