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indescribable charm

  • 1 indescribable charm

    indescribable/indefinable charm неописуемая прелесть

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > indescribable charm

  • 2 charm

    1) обаяние, очарование, прелесть, привлекательность, шарм

    She has great charm. — Она очаровательна.

    There is a charm about his manner. — Его манеры обаятельны.

    There is a peculiar charm in/about her voice. — В ее голосе есть особая прелесть.

    It has a charm of its own. — В этом есть свое особое очарование.

    - bodily charm
    - unusual charm
    - irresistible charm
    - indescribable charm
    - poetic charm
    - woman's charm
    - unfailing failing charm
    - hidden charms
    - awakened charm
    - man of social charm
    - full of charm
    - aware charm of smb's
    - charm of novelty
    - charm of nature
    - magnetic charm of personality
    - naive charm of folk art
    - under a charm
    - act like a charm
    - add a quaint charm to the landscape
    - be overcome by charm
    - break the charm
    - calculate on one's charm
    - destroy the charms of a pretty face
    - radiate one's charm
    - enchant with charm
    - enhance the charm of a trip
    - endow with charm
    - display feminine charm
    - feel charm
    - give an additional charm
    - possess a certain charm
    - resist smb's charm
    - retain one's original charm
    - submit to smb's charm
    - try to catch the elusive charm of the original in translation
    - turn on the charm
    - win smth with charm
    - charm disarms smb
    - charm wanes
    - charm is irresistible
    2) амулет, талисман, загово́р, заклинание

    He believed that a charm could prevent him from becoming ill. — Он верил, что амулет/талисман мог спасти/уберечь его от болезней

    - old charm
    - life charm
    - charm against evils
    - charm against forget fullness
    - wear a charm

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > charm

  • 3 inexpressible

    a невыразимый, неописуемый, несказанный
    Синонимический ряд:
    beyond description (adj.) astonishing; beyond description; impossible; incommunicable; inconceivable; incredible; indefinable; indescribable; ineffable; inenarrable; marvelous; nameless; transcendent; undescribable; unexpressible; unspeakable; untellable; unutterable

    English-Russian base dictionary > inexpressible

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