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inactive account

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  • inactive account — ➔ account1 * * * inactive account UK US noun [C] BANKING ► a bank account that has not been used for a long period of time: »Beware of charges for inactive accounts or for closing an account …   Financial and business terms

  • inactive account — /ɪnˌæktɪv ə kaυnt/ noun a bank account which is not used (i.e. no deposits or withdrawals are made) over a period of time …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • inactive account — A savings bank account which has stood for years without a deposit or withdrawal. 10 Am J2d Banks § 416 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • inactive — I adjective abeyant, abolished, abrogated, apathetic, canceled, comatose, destroyed, disabled, dormant, idle, ignavus, inanimate, indifferent, indolent, iners, inert, inoperative, insentient, invalid, languid, latent, lazy, lethargic, lethargical …   Law dictionary

  • account — a record of a business transaction. When you buy something on credit, the company you are dealing with sets up an account . This means it sets up a record of what you buy and what you pay. You will do the same thing with any customers to whom you …   Financial and business terms

  • Inactive —   An account which has had no transactions for a period is marked as inactive. If a transaction is made against an inactive account then special processing actions (such as extra controls) are often performed. If no transactions occur within a… …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • inactive — inactive, idle, inert, passive, supine mean not engaged in work or activity. Inactive is applicable to anyone or to anything that for any reason is not currently in action, in operation, in use, or at work {inactive machines} {delicate children… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • account — I n. description report 1) to give, render an account 2) an accurate, true; biased, one sided; blow by blow, detailed, full; eyewitness; fictitious; first hand; running; vivid account (she gave a detailed account of the incident) 3) newspaper,… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • Account status —   The status of an account often affects what transactions can be performed on that account. For example if an account has no activity for a long period of time, then a transaction against the account may be automatically sent for verification… …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • Dormant account —   In the case of an account where the customer has not initiated any transaction for a certain period, the account is considered inactive. Many automated systems can automatically mark this account as dormant and block any transactions. See also… …   International financial encyclopaedia

  • User account policy — is a document which outlines the requirements for requesting and maintaining an account on computer systems or networks, typically within an organization. It is very important for large sites where users typically have accounts on many systems.… …   Wikipedia

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