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ibm pc compatible

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  • IBM PC compatible — computers are those generally similar to the original IBM PC, XT, and AT. Such computers used to be referred to as PC clones, or IBM clones since they almost exactly duplicated all the significant features of the PC architecture, facilitated by… …   Wikipedia

  • IBM-PC compatible — computer which can work with the hardware and software developed for IBM personal computers …   English contemporary dictionary

  • IBM PCjr — (model 4860) Pictured with Racore Drive II third party add on Manufacturer Teledyne, Lewisburg, Tennessee Release date March 1984 ( …   Wikipedia

  • IBM PC — (modelo 5150) IBM PC 5150 con teclado y monitor monocromático verde (5151), ejecutando MS DOS 5.0 Tipo Computador personal Comercializado …   Wikipedia Español

  • IBM PC-совместимый компьютер — (англ. IBM PC compatible)  компьютер, архитектурно близкий к IBM PC, XT и AT и позволяющий запускать их программное обеспечение. В связи с распространением большого количества подобных компьютеров, к ним часто применяется более широкий… …   Википедия

  • Compatible IBM PC — Se denomina Compatible IBM PC o IBM PC compatible hace referencia a un tipo de ordenadores similares al IBM PC, IBM Personal Computer XT e IBM Personal Computer/AT. Estos ordenadores también llamados PC clones, IBM clones o clónicos, se denomina… …   Wikipedia Español

  • IBM Personal Computer — infobox computer Name = IBM PC (model 5150) Photo = Type = Personal computer Released = August 12, 1981 Discontinued = April 2, 1987 Processor = Intel 8088 @ 4.77 MHz Memory = 16 kB 256 kB OS = IBM BASIC / PC DOS 1.0 CP/M 86 UCSD p SystemThe IBM… …   Wikipedia

  • IBM 5100 — The IBM 5100 Portable Computer was a desktop computer introduced in September 1975, six years before the IBM PC. It was the evolution of a prototype called the SCAMP (Special Computer APL Machine Portable) that IBM demonstrated in 1973. In… …   Wikipedia

  • IBM PS/1 — Infobox computer Name = IBM PS/1 (model 2011) Photo = Type = Personal computer Released = 1990 Discontinued = Processor = Intel 80286 @ 10 MHz Memory = 1 MB 2 MB OS = PC DOS 4.01 (in ROM)Infobox computer Name = IBM PS/1 (model 2121) Photo = Type …   Wikipedia

  • IBM PC — noun a) The original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. b) A microcomputer compatible with IBMs specification. See Also: IBM, PC …   Wiktionary

  • IBM PC keyboard — The keyboards for IBM PC compatible computers are standardized. However, during the 3 plus decades of PC architecture being constantly updated, multiple types of keyboard layout variations have been developed. A well known class of IBM PC… …   Wikipedia


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