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  • 1 Hover

    v. intrans.
    P. and V. αἰωρεῖσθαι, πέτεσθαι, Ar. and V. ποτᾶσθαι.
    Of a ghost: V. ἀΐσσειν (Eur, Hec. 31).
    Hovering in air, adj.: Ar. and P. μετέωρος, Ar. and V. μετάρσιος.
    Hover round ( a person), met.; P. περιχεῖσθαι ( dat).

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Hover

  • 2 hover

    1) ((of a bird, insect etc) to remain in the air without moving in any direction.) ζυγιάζομαι/μένω μετέωρος στον αέρα
    2) (to move around while still remaining near a person etc: I wish she'd stop hovering round me and go away.) τριγυρίζω
    3) ((with between) to be undecided: She hovered between leaving and staying.) ταλαντεύομαι

    English-Greek dictionary > hover

  • 3 Play

    v. trans.
    Act a part: P. ὑποκρίνεσθαι.
    Play Antigone: P. Ἀντιγόνην ὑποκρίνεσθαι.
    Play ( a piece): P. ὑποκρίνεσθαι, ἀγωνίζεσθαι (Dem. 418 and 449).
    Play the second part: Ar. δευτεριάζειν.
    Play third rate parts: P. τριταγωνιστεῖν.
    met., play the coward: P. and V. κακίζεσθαι, ψιλοψυχεῖν, P. μαλακίζεσθαι, ἀποδειλιᾶν.
    Play the man: P. ἀνδραγαθίζεσθαι.
    Play a mean part: P. and V. κακνεσθαι.
    Play a part, pretend: Ar. and P. προσποιεῖσθαι.
    Play a game: Ar. and P. παιδιὰν παίζειν.
    Play a double game, met.: P. ἐπαμφοτερίζειν.
    Play the harp: Ar. and P. κιθαρίζειν.
    Play the pipe: P. and V. αὐλεῖν.
    Play pipe to: Ar. προσαυλεῖν (Eccl. 892).
    V. intrans. Play ( as children): P. and V. παίζειν V. θρειν (also Plat. but rare P.).
    Act in jest: P. and V. παίζειν.
    Play an instrument: Ar. and P. ψάλλειν.
    The flute girl played: Ar. αὐλητρὶς ἐνεφύσησε (Vesp. 1219).
    Gamble: Ar. and P. κυβεύειν.
    Play at: P. παίζειν (dat.).
    Play at dice: P. ἀστραγάλοις παίζειν (Plat., Alci. I. 110B).
    Play into—not thinking they were playing into the hands of Agoratus: P. οὐκ οἰόμενοι Ἀγοράτῳ συμπράσσειν ( Lys. 138).
    Play off—play off the Greeks one against another: P. αὐτοὺς περὶ ἑαυτοὺς τοὺς Ἕλληνας κατατρῖψαι (Thuc. 8, 46).
    Play on (play on words, etc.): P. κομψεύεσθαι (acc.), V. κομψεύειν (acc.); see also play upon.
    Play upon, turn to account: P. and V. χρῆσθαι (dat.).
    Play with, mock: P. and V. παίζειν πρός (acc.), P. προσπαίζειν (dat.).
    V. intrans. Move about: P. and V. αἰωρεῖσθαι; see Move, Hover.
    P. and V. παιδιά, ἡ.
    Speak in play: P. and V. παίζων εἰπεῖν.
    Piece for acting: Ar. and P. δρᾶμα, τό.
    Give play to, exercise: Ar. and P. μελετᾶν, P. and V. γυμνάζειν. Use, put into operation: P. and V. χρῆσθαι (dat.).
    Make a display of: P. and V. ἐνδείκνυσθαι.
    Call into play: P. and V. κινεῖν, ἐγείρειν; see Evoke.
    Fair play: P. ἐπιείκεια, ἡ.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Play

  • 4 Suspend

    v. trans.
    Hang: P. and V. κρεμαννύναι.
    Be suspended in air: P. and V. αἰωρεῖσθαι; see Hover.
    He is suspended in air: V. ἀέρι ποτᾶται.
    Make fast: P. and V. ἀρτᾶν.
    Put off: P. and V. ναβάλλεσθαι.
    Put an end to: P. and V. παύειν.
    Depose P. and V. παύειν, Ar. and P. καταλειν.
    Put down: P. and V. καθαιρεῖν, Ar. and P. διαλειν.
    Suspend ( hostilities): Ar. and P. καταλεσθαι (acc. or absol.).
    Suspended in air, adj.: Ar. and P. μετέωρος, Ar. and V. μετάρσιος, V. κρεμαστός.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Suspend

  • 5 Swing

    v. trans.
    P. αἰωρεῖν, Ar. and V. κυκλεῖν, V. διαφέρειν, σφενδονᾶν; see Whirl.
    Move: P. and V. κινεῖν.
    Brandish: P. and V. σείειν, Ar. and V. πάλλειν, κραδαίνειν, τινάσσειν.
    Swing round: V. διαφέρειν, σφενδονᾶν.
    V. intrans. P. and V. αἰωρεῖσθαι; see Hover.
    Be hung up: P. and V. κρέμασθαι.
    Be hanged: V. κρεμασθῆναι ( 1st aor. pass. of κρεμαννύναι), P. and V. κρέμασθαι.
    Toss up and down: P. and V. σαλεύειν.
    P. αἰώρα, ἡ (Plat.).
    Swinging motion: P. αἰώρησις, ἡ (Plat.).
    Action of a body in motion: P. φορά, ἡ, Ar. and P.μη, ἡ, V.ιπή, ἡ.
    Throw: P. and V. βολή, ἡ.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Swing

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