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  • Houses — House House (hous), n.; pl. {Houses}. [OE. hous, hus, AS. h?s; akin to OS. & OFries. h?s, D. huis, OHG. h?s, G. haus, Icel. h?s, Sw. hus, Dan. huus, Goth. gudh?s, house of God, temple; and prob. to E. hide to conceal. See {Hide}, and cf. {Hoard} …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • houses —    Most houses in ancient Mesopotamia were one of two types small huts made of bundled reeds and dried mud, or slightly more permanent dwellings composed of dried clay bricks. The reed huts were most common in the countryside, especially in… …   Ancient Mesopotamia dictioary

  • houses —    The most substantial body of folk practice and belief concerning houses focuses on protecting them from witchcraft, evil spirits, fire, thunder, and lightning; this involved placing protective objects, generally near a point of possible entry… …   A Dictionary of English folklore

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