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house fluffer

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  • house fluffer — (HOWS fluf.ur) n. A decorator who recommends improvements and renovations designed to maximize a house s sale price. house fluffing pp. Example Citation: As a house fluffer, Carroll consults with sellers and suggests improvements that can boost… …   New words

  • gazundering — n. As a house buyer, reducing a previously agreed on price for a house just prior to signing the contract. gazunder v. gazunderer n. Example Citations: Remember, if you complete your transaction on bad terms, or twist the vendors arms with a bit… …   New words

  • reluctant landlord — n. A person who is forced to rent his house because he is unable to sell it. Example Citations: Rents are jumping up as more and more potential home buyers opt to rent, said David Newnes, LSL s estate agency managing director....Furthermore, the… …   New words

  • buyer blur — (BY.ur blur) n. Feeling confused and overwhelmed by a profusion of consumer choices, particularly when looking at real estate properties. Example Citation: Experienced agents are reluctant to pack more than four or five stops into a house hunting …   New words

  • CHAOS — (KAY.aws) acronym. Can t have anyone over syndrome; not inviting guests to one s house because it is too messy or cluttered. Example Citation: Just as computers and e mail have failed to render us a paperless society, living in a throwaway world… …   New words

  • Housing and Architecture — advertecture appraisal mill architectural myopia architourist BANANA barkitecture big hair house …   New words

  • brickor mortis — n. A real estate market in which very few houses are being sold. Also: brickormortis. Example Citations: Mister, this market wouldn t go voom if you put 50,000 volts through it. The property market has passed on. It s demised. Bereft of buyers,… …   New words

  • reno coach — n. An advisor who helps people make decisions about or avoid the pitfalls of a home renovation. Also: renovation coach. reno coaching pp. Example Citations: She figured she needed help from someone knowledgeable and impartial, who understood how… …   New words

  • staging — (STAY.jing) pp. Redecorating a home often using rented furnishings to make it appear more attractive to potential buyers. stager n. Example Citation: As the real estate industry has become increasingly sophisticated, the business of spiffing up… …   New words

  • starter castle — (STAR.tur kas.ul) n. A large home built on a relatively small property. Example Citation: But as the dimensions of private homes in some parts of the city have grown from 8,000 to 20,000 to 30,000 and even 40,000 square feet the lots on which… …   New words

  • undecorating — (un.DEK.uh.ray.ting) pp. Redecorating a home or room to give it a simpler, less cluttered look. undecorate v. Example Citations: Storytelling long a factor in many forms of selling appears to be gaining as a tactic for getting an edge in the… …   New words