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  • 1 homestead

    noun (a house, especially a farm, with the land and other buildings (eg barns) which belong to it, especially in the United States, Australia etc.) lauku mājas; ferma
    * * *
    ferma, lauku mājas

    English-Latvian dictionary > homestead

  • 2 home

    [həum] 1. noun
    1) (the house, town, country etc where a person etc usually lives: I work in London but my home is in Bournemouth; When I retire, I'll make my home in Bournemouth; Africa is the home of the lion; We'll have to find a home for the kitten.) mājas; (auga, dzīvnieka) dzimtene
    2) (the place from which a person, thing etc comes originally: America is the home of jazz.) dzimtene; dzimtā vieta
    3) (a place where children without parents, old people, people who are ill etc live and are looked after: an old folk's home; a nursing home.) patversme; mītne
    4) (a place where people stay while they are working: a nurses' home.) māja
    5) (a house: Crumpy Construction build fine homes for fine people; He invited me round to his home.) māja
    2. adjective
    1) (of a person's home or family: home comforts.) mājas-; ģimenes-
    2) (of the country etc where a person lives: home produce.) iekšējs; iekšzemes-
    3) ((in football) playing or played on a team's own ground: the home team; a home game.) (sportā) laukuma saimnieku-
    3. adverb
    1) (to a person's home: I'm going home now; Hallo - I'm home!) mājās; mājup; uz mājām
    2) (completely; to the place, position etc a thing is intended to be: He drove the nail home; Few of his punches went home; These photographs of the war brought home to me the suffering of the soldiers.) iestāstīt kādam kaut ko; pārliecināt
    - homely
    - homeliness
    - homing
    - home-coming
    - home-grown
    - homeland
    - home-made
    - home rule
    - homesick
    - homesickness
    - homestead
    - home truth
    - homeward
    - homewards
    - homeward
    - homework
    - at home
    - be/feel at home
    - home in on
    - leave home
    - make oneself at home
    - nothing to write home about
    * * *
    māja; mājas; dzimtā vieta, dzimtene; izplatības vieta, dzimtene; patversme, mītne; atgriezties mājās; mājas; iekšzemes, iekšējs; uz mājām, mājup

    English-Latvian dictionary > home

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