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hollow-base bullet

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  • Hollow-point bullet — A hollow point is a bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, generally intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target. As a… …   Wikipedia

  • Bullet — This article is about firearms projectiles. For other uses, see Bullet (disambiguation). Lead soft point, boat tailed, copper jacketed bullets A bullet is a projectile propelled by a firearm, sling, or air gun. Bullets do not normally contain… …   Wikipedia

  • Expanding bullet — Dumdum redirects here. For other uses, see Dum Dums (disambiguation). Dum dum bullet redirects here. For other uses, see Dum Dum Bullet (Album). For the city near Kolkata, India, see Dum Dum. Drawings from 1870 of a hollow point express rifle… …   Wikipedia

  • Cylindro-conoidal bullet — Two Civil War cylindro conoidal bullets The cylindro conoidal bullet was invented by Captain John Norton of the British 34th Regiment in 1832. It had a hollow base, so that, when fired, the bullet would expand and seal the bore. The origin of his …   Wikipedia

  • Min|i|é bullet — Min|i|é ball or Min|i|é bullet «MIHN ee ay, MIHN ee», a conical bullet with a hollow base which expands, when fired, to fit the rifling of the gun. ╂[< Captain Claude E. Minié, 1814 1879, a French inventor] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Williams cleaner bullet — During the American Civil War 1861 1865 and used by the Union (Federal or Northern or Yankee) Army, there were three types of projectiles used known as Williams Patent cleaner bullets. Type I bullets have a thick leather and zinc base and Type II …   Wikipedia

  • Obturate — means to block or obstruct[1]. With reference to firearms and airguns, obturation refers to the process of a bullet or pellet, made of soft material and often with a concave base, flaring under the pressure of firing to seal the bore and engage… …   Wikipedia

  • .41 Long Colt — The .41 Long Colt cartridge was created in 1877 for Colt s double action Thunderer revolver. It was a stretched version of the earlier centerfire .41 (Short) Colt, which was made to duplicate the dimensions of the even earlier .41 Rimfire. The… …   Wikipedia

  • James H. Burton — (August 17, 1823 1895) was born in Shenandoah Spring, Virginia. Educated at the Westchester Academy in Pennsylvania, Burton entered a Baltimore machine shop at age 16. In April 1844, he went to work at the Harpers Ferry Armory, serving as a… …   Wikipedia

  • Stopping power — For the concept in nuclear physics, see stopping power (particle radiation). Contents 1 History 2 Dynamics of bullets 3 Wound …   Wikipedia

  • small arm — small armed, adj. Usually, small arms. a firearm designed to be held in one or both hands while being fired: in the U.S. the term is applied to weapons of a caliber of up to one in. (2.5 cm). [1680 90] * * * ▪ military technology Introduction… …   Universalium

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