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highly elliptical orbit

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  • Highly Elliptical Orbit — (HEO) is an elliptic orbit characterized by a relatively low altitude perigee and an extremely high altitude apogee. These extremely elongated orbits can have the advantage of long dwell times at a point in the sky during the approach to and… …   Wikipedia

  • highly elliptical orbit — labai elipsiška orbita statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. highly elliptical orbit vok. hochelliptische Bahn, f rus. высокоэллиптическая орбита, f pranc. orbite très elliptique, f …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • Highly-Elliptical-Orbit-Satellit — NAVSTAR – GPS Satellit der zweiten Generation Ein (künstlicher) Satellit (lat. Leibwächter) ist in der Raumfahrt ein künstlicher Raumflugkörper, der einen Himmelskörper – wie einen Planeten oder einen Mond – auf einer elliptischen oder… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Orbit insertion — is the spaceflight operation of adjusting a spacecraft’s momentum to allow for entry into a stable orbit around a planet, moon, or other celestial body.[1] This maneuver involves either deceleration from a speed in excess of the respective body’s …   Wikipedia

  • Orbit — This article is about orbits in celestial mechanics, due to gravity. For other uses, see Orbit (disambiguation). A satellite orbiting the Earth has a tangential velocity and an inward acceleration …   Wikipedia

  • Orbit of the Moon — Not to be confused with Lunar orbit in the sense of a selenocentric orbit, that is, an orbit around the Moon The Moon completes its orbit around the Earth in approximately 27.3 days (a sidereal month). The Earth and Moon orbit about their… …   Wikipedia

  • Orbit equation — In astrodynamics an orbit equation defines the path of orbiting body around central body relative to , without specifying position as a function of time. Under standard assumptions, a body moving under the influence of a force, directed to a… …   Wikipedia

  • Orbit phasing — In astrodynamics orbit phasing is the adjustment of the time position of spacecraft along its orbit, usually described as adjusting the orbiting spacecraft s true anomaly. This is predominantly used in satellite positioning, especially if the… …   Wikipedia

  • Geocentric orbit — Earth orbit redirects here. For the motion of the Earth around the Sun, see Earth s orbit. Earth orbiter redirects here. For the shuttle simulator, see Earth Orbiter 1. The following words may have more than one definition or other non Earth… …   Wikipedia

  • Molniya orbit — For other uses, see Molniya (disambiguation). Figure 1: The Molniya orbit. Usually the period from perigee + 2 hours to perigee + 10 hours is used to transmit to the northern hemisphere Molniya orbit is a type of highly elliptical orbit with an… …   Wikipedia

  • Low Earth Orbit — Ein Satellitenorbit ist die Umlaufbahn eines Satelliten um die Erde. Dieser Artikel befasst sich mit der Flughöhe. Zur genauen Beschreibung der Flugbahn bedarf es weiterer Kenngrößen, die die Artikel Bahnelemente und Satellitenbahnelemente… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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