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hexagonal cell

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  • Hexagonal chess — The term hexagonal chess designates a group of chess variants played on hexagonal boards. The most popular one is Gliński s hexagonal chess which was invented in 1936 by Władysław Gliński of Poland. Contents 1 Gliński s hexagonal chess 1.1… …   Wikipedia

  • Hexagonal lattice — The hexagonal lattice or equilateral triangular lattice is one of the five 2D lattice types.Three nearby points form an equilateral triangle. In images four orientations of such a triangle are by far the most common. They can conveniently be… …   Wikipedia

  • hexagonal system — ▪ crystallography       one of the principal categories of structures to which a given crystalline solid can be assigned. Components of crystals in this system are located by reference to four axes three of equal lengths set at 120° to one… …   Universalium

  • Hexagonal crystal system — In crystallography, the hexagonal is one of the 7 crystal system, it contains 7 point groups . It has the same symmetry as a right prism with a hexagonal base. There is only one hexagonal Bravais lattice, which has six atoms per unit… …   Wikipedia

  • hexagonal close-packed — the unit cell is of hexagonal geometry and is generated by the stacking of close packed planes of atoms …   Mechanics glossary

  • Runcinated 24-cell — 24 cell …   Wikipedia

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  • Runcitruncated 16-cell — In geometry, the runcitruncated 16 cell is a convex uniform polychoron, or 4 dimensional polytope, bounded by 80 cells: 8 small rhombicuboctahedra, 16 truncated tetrahedra, 24 cubes, and 32 hexagonal prisms.ConstructionThe runcitruncated 16 cell… …   Wikipedia

  • Truncated 5-cell — 5 cell …   Wikipedia

  • Runcinated 120-cell — Four runcinations 120 cell …   Wikipedia

  • 24-cell — Schlegel diagram (vertices and edges) Type Convex regular 4 polytope Schläfli symbol {3,4,3} t …   Wikipedia

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