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hesitation pause

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  • pause — n Pause, recess, respite, lull, intermission are comparable when they mean a temporary cessation especially in action, in activity, or in movement. Pause, though it carries an implication of expected resumption, stresses the fact of stopping… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • pause — [pôz] n. [ME pawse < MFr pause < L pausa < Gr pausis, a stopping < pauein, to bring to an end < IE base * paus , to let go > OPrus pausto, wild] 1. a short period of inaction; temporary stop, break, or rest, as in speaking or… …   English World dictionary

  • Pause — Pause, n. [F., fr. L. pausa. See {Pose}.] 1. A temporary stop or rest; an intermission of action; interruption; suspension; cessation. [1913 Webster] 2. Temporary inaction or waiting; hesitation; suspence; doubt. [1913 Webster] I stand in pause… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Pause — may refer to a rest, hesitation, or temporary stop.Pause may also refer to: * Rest (music) or fermata; also specifically the whole rest in French usage * The break key on computer keyboards * A requested breakpoint during computer program… …   Wikipedia

  • pause — [n] wait, delay abeyance, break, breakoff*, breathing space*, breathing spell*, caesura, cessation, coffee break*, comma*, cutoff, deadlock, discontinuance, downtime*, freeze*, gap, gridlock*, halt, happy hour*, hesitancy, hesitation, hiatus,… …   New thesaurus

  • hesitation — I noun caution, cunctatio, delay, diffidence, doubt, dubiety, dubitatio, dubitation, equivocation, faltering, fluctuation, haesitatio, hesitancy, holding back, incertitude, indecision, irresolution, nervousness, oscillation, overcaution, qualm,… …   Law dictionary

  • hesitation — [n] waiting; uncertainty averseness, dawdling, delay, delaying, demurral, doubt, dubiety, equivocation, faltering, fluctuation, fumbling, hemming and hawing*, hesitancy, indecision, indecisiveness, indisposition, irresolution, misgiving, mistrust …   New thesaurus

  • pause — I noun abeyance, armistice, break, breather, breathing spell, cessation, deferment, delay, demur, demurral, disconnection, gap, halt, hesitance, hesitancy, hesitation, intercapedo, interim, interlude, intermissio, intermission, interruption,… …   Law dictionary

  • hesitation waltz — noun see hesitation 3 * * * a waltz based on the frequent use of a step that consists of a pause and glide. [1910 15] * * * hesitation waltz noun A kind of waltz into which a pause and gliding step are introduced at intervals • • • Main Entry:… …   Useful english dictionary

  • hesitation */ — UK [ˌhezɪˈteɪʃ(ə)n] / US noun [countable/uncountable] Word forms hesitation : singular hesitation plural hesitations a pause before doing something, or a feeling that you should not do it, especially because you are nervous, embarrassed, or… …   English dictionary

  • pause — pausal, adj. pauseful, adj. pausefully, adv. pauseless, adj. pauselessly, adv. pauser, n. pausingly, adv. /pawz/, n., v., paused, pausing. n. 1. a temporary stop or rest, esp. in speech or action: a short pause after each stroke of the oar. 2. a… …   Universalium


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