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height equivalent to a theoretical plate

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  • HETP — height equivalent to a theoretical plate; hexaethyltetraphosphate * * * HETP .āch .ē .tē pē n an insecticide C12H30O13P4 that is a cholinesterase inhibitor and is obtained synthetically usu. as a yellow liquid mixture containing TEPP …   Medical dictionary

  • HETP — • height equivalent to a theoretical plate; • hexaethyltetraphosphate …   Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations

  • chromatography — chromatographer, n. chromatographic /kreuh mat euh graf ik, kroh meuh teuh /, adj. chromatographically, adv. /kroh meuh tog reuh fee/, n. Chem. the separation of mixtures into their constituents by preferential adsorption by a solid, as a column… …   Universalium

  • Continuous distillation — Image 1: Typical industrial distillation towers Image 2: A crude oil vacuum distillation column as used in oil refineries …   Wikipedia

  • Distillation — Distiller and Distillery redirect here. For other uses, see Distiller (disambiguation) and Distillery (disambiguation). For other uses, see Distillation (disambiguation). Laboratory display of distillation: 1: A heating device 2: Still pot 3:… …   Wikipedia

  • Packed bed — In chemical processing, a packed bed is a hollow tube, pipe, or other vessel that is filled with a packing material. The packing can be randomly filled with small objects like Raschig rings or else it can be a specifically designed structured… …   Wikipedia

  • Kontinuierliche Destillation — Typische industrielle Destillationsanlage Eine Erdöl Vakuumdestillationsanlage, wie sie in einer Erdölraffinerie eingesetzt wird …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Metacentric height — Ship Stability diagram showing centre of gravity (G), centre of buoyancy (B), and metacentre (M) with ship upright and heeled over to one side. Note that for small angles, G and M are fixed, while B moves as the ship heels, and for big angles B… …   Wikipedia

  • ВЭТТ — Высота, эквивалентная теоретической тарелке (ВЭТТ) (англ. height equivalent to a theoretical plate, HETP)  суммарная характеристика общей разделяющей способности хроматографической колонки. ВЭТТ определяется как отношение длины… …   Википедия

  • Entgaser — Speisewasserbehälter mit Entgaser und Brüdenkondensator Entgaser sind in Kraftwerken und Heißwassersystemen Anlagenkomponenten, mit denen gelöste Gase aus dem Zusatz und Kreislaufwasser oder aus Kondensaten entfernt werden. Im Wasser gelöste Gase …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Rodrigues equation — The Rodrigues equation is an equation used in chromatography to describe the efficiency of a bed of permeable (large pore) particles. It is thus an extension of Van Deemter s equation. It was developed by Alirio E. Rodrigues et al cite journal… …   Wikipedia

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