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  • 1 apron

    1) (a piece of cloth, plastic etc worn over the front of the clothes for protection against dirt etc: She tied on her apron before preparing the dinner.) delantal, mandil
    2) (something like an apron in shape, eg a hard surface for aircraft on an airfield.) zona de estacionamiento, plataforma
    3) ((also apron-stage) the part of the stage in a theatre which is in front of the curtain.) proscenio
    apron n delantal
    2 (at airport) pista de estacionamiento
    3 (in theatre) proscenio
    to be tied to somebody's apron strings estar pegado,-a a las faldas de alguien
    apron ['eɪprən] n
    : delantal m, mandil m
    delantal s.m.
    estera s.f.
    mandil s.m.
    mandilón s.m.
    noun ( for domestic use) delantal m, mandil m (Esp); ( workman's) mandil m; string I 1) b)
    1. N
    1) (=garment) delantal m ; (workman's, mason's etc) mandil m
    2) (Aer) plataforma f de estacionamiento
    3) (Theat) proscenio m

    apron stage N — (Theat) escena f saliente

    apron strings NPL (fig) —

    he's tied to his mother's/wife's apron strings — está pegado a las faldas de su madre/esposa

    * * *
    noun ( for domestic use) delantal m, mandil m (Esp); ( workman's) mandil m; string I 1) b)

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