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he presented his credentials

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  • credentials — cre|den|tials [krıˈdenʃəlz] n [plural] 1.) someone s education, achievements, experience etc that prove they have the ability to do something credentials for/as ▪ She had excellent credentials for the job. ▪ There are doubts over his credentials… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • credentials — [[t]krɪde̱nʃ(ə)lz[/t]] 1) N PLURAL: with supp Someone s credentials are their previous achievements, training, and general background, which indicate that they are qualified to do something. ...her credentials as a Bach specialist... I can… …   English dictionary

  • credentials — noun (plural) 1 the things that show people that you have the ability to do something, are suitable for something etc, such as your education, experience, and achievements: He spent the first hour trying to establish his credentials as a… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Diplomatic credentials — are documents presented by foreign ambassadors and ministers to the chief of state of the host government. The documents, which follow a standard text, identify the diplomats as representatives of their governments and empowered to speak for them …   Wikipedia

  • Seve Paeniu — His Excellency Seve Paeniu (born 11 February 1965) is a Tuvaluan diplomat who currently serves as his country s High Commissioner to Fiji. Education and previous career Paeniu graduated from Canterbury University in Christchurch, New Zealand,… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Japan — The United States Ambassador to Japan is the ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary from the United States to Japan. Since the opening of Japan by Commodore Matthew C. Perry, in 1854, the U.S. maintained diplomatic relations with Japan,… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Norway — Prior to 1905, Sweden and Norway were politically united. The United States Ambassador to Sweden thus was the US representative for Norway as well as Sweden. In 1905 Sweden and Norway peacefully separated and Norway became an independent… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Benin — The Kingdom of Dahomey was an overseas possession of France part of French West Africa until 1958. In that year Dahomey became an autonomous republic, and gained full independence in 1960. The United States immediately recognized Dahomey and… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Iceland — Until 1874, Iceland was a dependency of Denmark rather than an independent nation. In 1874, Denmark granted Iceland home rule, which again was expanded in 1904. In 1918, The Act of Union, an agreement between Denmark, recognized Iceland as a… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Gabon — In the 15th century, the area of central Africa that is now the nation of Gabon was populated by Bantu groups. Little is known of their civilization prior to European contact.Gabon’s first confirmed European visitors were Portuguese traders who… …   Wikipedia

  • United States Ambassador to Togo — Togoland was a German protectorate in West Africa from 1884 to 1914. The protectorate was established in 1884 when the German commissioner signed a treaty with the local chief, in which Germany declared a protectorate over a stretch of territory… …   Wikipedia

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