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  • 1 side-guards of manipulator

    liniały manipulatora

    English-Polish dictionary for engineers > side-guards of manipulator

  • 2 bodyguard

    członek m ochrony (osobistej), ochroniarz m (inf)
    * * *
    noun (a guard or guards to protect (especially an important person): the president's bodyguard.) ochrona osobista

    English-Polish dictionary > bodyguard

  • 3 bribe

    [braɪb] 1. n 2. vt

    to bribe sb to do sthprzekupić ( perf) kogoś, żeby coś zrobił

    * * *
    1. noun
    (a gift offered to persuade a person to do something, usually dishonest: Policemen are not allowed to accept bribes.) łapówka
    2. verb
    (to give (someone) a bribe: He bribed the guards to let him out of prison.) przekupić

    English-Polish dictionary > bribe

  • 4 custodian

    ( of building) dozorca(-rczyni) m(f); ( of museum) kustosz m
    * * *
    noun (a person who guards or takes care of something: the custodian of an art collection.) opiekun, kurator

    English-Polish dictionary > custodian

  • 5 gag

    [gæg] 1. n
    ( on mouth) knebel m; ( joke) gag m
    2. vt 3. vi
    * * *
    [ɡæɡ] 1. past tense, past participle - gagged; verb
    1) (to prevent (a person) talking or making a noise, by putting something in or over his mouth: The guards tied up and gagged the prisoners.) kneblować
    2) (to choke and almost be sick.) dławić się
    2. noun
    (something which is put in or over a person's mouth to prevent him talking or making a noise.) knebel

    English-Polish dictionary > gag

  • 6 post

    [pəust] 1. n ( BRIT)
    poczta f; ( pole) słup m, pal m; ( job) stanowisko nt; ( MIL) posterunek m; (also: trading post) faktoria f; (also: goalpost) słupek m
    2. vt ( BRIT)
    letter wysyłać (wysłać perf); ( MIL) guards wystawiać (wystawić perf)
    Phrasal Verbs:
    * * *
    I [pəust] noun
    (a long piece of wood, metal etc, usually fixed upright in the ground: The notice was nailed to a post; a gate-post; the winning-post.) słup
    - keep somebody posted
    - keep posted
    II 1. [pəust] noun
    ((the system of collecting, transporting and delivering) letters, parcels etc: I sent the book by post; Has the post arrived yet?; Is there any post for me?) poczta
    2. verb
    (to send (a letter etc) by post: He posted the parcel yesterday.) nadawać
    - postal
    - postage stamp
    - postal order
    - postbox
    - postcard
    - postcode
    - post-free
    - post-haste
    - posthaste
    - postman
    - postmark
    - postmaster
    - post office
    III 1. [pəust] noun
    1) (a job: He has a post in the government; a teaching post.) posada
    2) (a place of duty: The soldier remained at his post.) posterunek
    3) (a settlement, camp etc especially in a distant or unpopulated area: a trading-post.) placówka
    2. verb
    (to send somewhere on duty: He was posted abroad.) skierować do pracy, wysłać na placówkę
    IV [pəust]

    English-Polish dictionary > post

  • 7 regular

    ['rɛgjulə(r)] 1. adj
    breathing, features, exercise, verb regularny; time, doctor, customer stały; soldier zawodowy; size normalny
    2. n
    ( in shop) stały(-ła) m(f) klient(ka) m(f); ( in pub etc) stały(-ła) m(f) bywalec(-lczyni) m(f)
    * * *
    ['reɡjulə] 1. adjective
    1) (usual: Saturday is his regular day for shopping; That isn't our regular postman, is it?) stały
    2) ((American) normal: He's too handicapped to attend a regular school.) normalny
    3) (occurring, acting etc with equal amounts of space, time etc between: They placed guards at regular intervals round the camp; Is his pulse regular?) regularny
    4) (involving doing the same things at the same time each day etc: a man of regular habits.) uregulowany, systematyczny
    5) (frequent: He's a regular visitor; He's one of our regular customers.) stały
    6) (permanent; lasting: He's looking for a regular job.) stały
    7) ((of a noun, verb etc) following one of the usual grammatical patterns of the language: `Walk' is a regular verb, but `go' is an irregular verb.) regularny
    8) (the same on both or all sides or parts; neat; symmetrical: a girl with regular features; A square is a regular figure.) regularny
    9) (of ordinary size: I don't want the large size of packet - just give me the regular one.) zwykły
    10) ((of a soldier) employed full-time, professional; (of an army) composed of regular soldiers.) zawodowy
    2. noun
    1) (a soldier in the regular army.) żołnierz zawodowy
    2) (a regular customer (eg at a bar).) stały gość/klient
    - regularly
    - regulate
    - regulation
    - regulator

    English-Polish dictionary > regular

  • 8 station

    ['steɪʃən] 1. n ( RAIL)
    dworzec m; ( small) stacja f; (also: bus station) dworzec m autobusowy; (also: police station) posterunek m (policji); (RADIO) stacja f
    2. vt
    guards etc wystawiać (wystawić perf)

    to be stationed in/at ( MIL)stacjonować w +loc

    * * *
    ['steiʃən] 1. noun
    1) (a place with a ticket office, waiting rooms etc, where trains, buses or coaches stop to allow passengers to get on or off: a bus station; She arrived at the station in good time for her train.) dworzec
    2) (a local headquarters or centre of work of some kind: How many fire-engines are kept at the fire station?; a radio station; Where is the police station?; military/naval stations.) posterunek, placówka, stacja
    3) (a post or position (eg of a guard or other person on duty): The watchman remained at his station all night.) stanowisko
    2. verb
    (to put (a person, oneself, troops etc in a place or position to perform some duty): He stationed himself at the corner of the road to keep watch; The regiment is stationed abroad.) ustawiać, rozlokować

    English-Polish dictionary > station

  • 9 truss

    [trʌs] 1. n ( MED)
    pas m przepuklinowy
    2. vt
    Phrasal Verbs:
    * * *
    (to tie or bind tightly: She trussed the chicken and put it in the oven; The burglars trussed up the guards.) związać

    English-Polish dictionary > truss

  • 10 warden

    ( of game reserve etc) ≈ gajowy m; ( of jail) naczelnik m; ( BRIT) (of youth hostel, in university) ≈ dyrektor m (administracyjny); (also: traffic warden) funkcjonariusz nadzorujący poprawność parkowania pojazdów
    * * *
    1) (the person in charge of an old people's home, a student residence etc: The warden has reported that two students are missing from the hostel.) dyrektor, przełożony
    2) ((also traffic warden) a person who controls parking and the flow of traffic in an area: If the (traffic) warden finds your car parked there you will be fined.) funkcjonariusz służby ruchu drogowego
    3) ((American) the person in charge of a prison.) funkcjonariusz obrony cywilnej
    4) ((also game warden) a person who guards a game reserve.) leśniczy

    English-Polish dictionary > warden

  • 11 warder

    n ( BRIT)
    strażnik m (więzienny)
    * * *
    noun (a person who guards prisoners in a jail: He shot a warder and escaped from jail.) strażnik więzienny

    English-Polish dictionary > warder

  • 12 watch

    [wɔtʃ] 1. n
    (also: wristwatch) zegarek m; ( surveillance) obserwacja f; ( group of guards) warta f; ( NAUT) ( spell of duty) wachta f
    2. vt
    people, objects przyglądać się +dat, patrzeć or patrzyć na +acc; match, TV oglądać (obejrzeć perf); (spy on, guard) obserwować; ( be careful of) uważać na +acc
    3. vi
    patrzyć, przyglądać się

    to keep a close watch on sb/sth — bacznie kogoś/coś obserwować

    watch what you're doing/how you drive — uważaj, co robisz/jak jedziesz

    Phrasal Verbs:
    * * *
    [wo ] 1. noun
    1) (a small instrument for telling the time by, worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket of a waistcoat etc: He wears a gold watch; a wrist-watch.) zegarek
    2) (a period of standing guard during the night: I'll take the watch from two o'clock till six.) warta, wachta
    3) (in the navy etc, a group of officers and men who are on duty at a given time: The night watch come(s) on duty soon.) wachta
    2. verb
    1) (to look at (someone or something): He was watching her carefully; He is watching television.) obserwować, oglądać
    2) (to keep a lookout (for): They've gone to watch for the ship coming in; Could you watch for the postman?) wypatrywać
    3) (to be careful of (someone or something): Watch (that) you don't fall off!; Watch him! He's dangerous.) uważać
    4) (to guard or take care of: Watch the prisoner and make sure he doesn't escape; Please watch the baby while I go shopping.) pilnować
    5) (to wait for (a chance, opportunity etc): Watch your chance, and then run.) czatować na
    - watchful
    - watchfully
    - watchfulness
    - watchdog
    - watchmaker
    - watchman
    - watchtower
    - watchword
    - keep watch
    - watch one's step
    - watch out
    - watch over

    English-Polish dictionary > watch

  • 13 watchdog

    pies m podwórzowy; ( fig) jednostka f nadzorująca
    * * *
    noun (a dog which guards someone's property etc: We leave a watchdog in our office at night to scare away thieves.) pies-stróż

    English-Polish dictionary > watchdog

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