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group action

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  • group action — UK US noun [C] LAW ► CLASS ACTION(Cf. ↑class action) …   Financial and business terms

  • Group action — This article is about the mathematical concept. For the sociology term, see group action (sociology). Given an equilateral triangle, the counterclockwise rotation by 120° around the center of the triangle acts on the set of vertices of the… …   Wikipedia

  • group action — noun action taken by a group of people (Freq. 1) • Hypernyms: ↑act, ↑deed, ↑human action, ↑human activity, ↑event • Hyponyms: ↑vote, ↑pr …   Useful english dictionary

  • Group action (sociology) — In sociology, group action is the situation in which a large number of people in a given area behave simultaneously in a similar way in order to achieve a common goal; their actions are usually coordinated.Group action will likely take place when …   Wikipedia

  • Geometric group action — In mathematics, specifically geometric group theory, a geometric group action is a certain type of action of a discrete group on a metric space.DefinitionIn geometric group theory, a geometry is any proper, geodesic metric space. An action of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Cocompact group action — In mathematics, an action of a group G on a topological space X is cocompact if the quotient space X/G is a compact space or, equivalently, if there is a compact subset K of X such that the image of K under the action of G covers X . This algebra …   Wikipedia

  • Group theory — is a mathematical discipline, the part of abstract algebra that studies the algebraic structures known as groups. The development of group theory sprang from three main sources: number theory, theory of algebraic equations, and geometry. The… …   Wikipedia

  • action group — action committee or action group noun Members of an organization who are chosen to take active measures • • • Main Entry: ↑action * * * ˈaction group [action group] noun (often as part of a name) a group t …   Useful english dictionary

  • Group behaviour — Group behavior in sociology refers to the situations where people interact in large or small groups. The field of group dynamics deals with small groups that may reach consensus and act in a coordinated way. Groups of a large number of people in… …   Wikipedia

  • Group — can refer to: Sociology * Group action (sociology) * Group behaviour * Groups of people, a description of various different human groups ** Peer group ** Workgroup * Group dynamics * Group (sociology), a sub set of a culture or of a society *… …   Wikipedia

  • Action — may refer to:Music and culture* Action (philosophy), something a person can do * Action (music), a characteristic of a stringed instrument * Action (album), a 2004 album by Punchline * Action (B z album), a 2007 album by B z * Action (piano), the …   Wikipedia


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