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gold par of currency

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  • Gold peg — is a term for the par value in gold of a particular currency. It is associated with a gold standard or bimetallic standard for a currency. Since the ability to redeem notes for a fixed amount of gold is one of the attractions of a hard currency… …   Wikipedia

  • Currency of Uruguay — This is an outline of Uruguay s monetary history. For the present currency of Uruguay, see Uruguayan peso. Contents 1 Pre independence currency 2 1828–1854 Peso 2.1 History 2.2 Paper …   Wikipedia

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  • Currency of Venezuela — This article provides a historical summary of the currency used in Venezuela since the end of the 18th century. For the present currency of Venezuela, see Venezuelan bolívar. Contents 1 Pre independence currency 1.1 Coin 1.1.1 1787 lightweight… …   Wikipedia

  • Currency of Spanish America — This article provides an outline of the currency of Spanish America (las Indias, the Indies) from Spanish colonization in the 15th century until Spanish American independencies in the 19th. This great realm was divided into the Viceroyalty of New …   Wikipedia

  • gold-exchange standard — /gohld iks chaynj / a monetary system in one country in which currency is maintained at a par with that of another country that is on the gold standard. * * * ▪ monetary system       monetary system under which a nation s currency may be… …   Universalium

  • Currency union — World trade A series on Trade …   Wikipedia

  • gold-exchange standard — noun : a monetary standard under which gold does not circulate domestically and international debts are settled primarily in currency of nations that maintain a gold and especially a gold bullion standard * * * /gohld iks chaynj / a monetary… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Chinese currency — Han Dynasty cash coin The Renminbi (Chinese: 人民币) is the official currency of the People s Republic of China (PRC). It is the legal tender in mainland China, but not in Hong Kong and Macau. It is abb …   Wikipedia

  • mint par — (also mint parity) n. Finance the ratio between the gold equivalents of currency in two countries ■ their rate of exchange based on such a ratio …   Useful english dictionary

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