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give something off

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  • give something off — Syn: emit, produce, send out, throw out, discharge, release …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • give something off/out — emit odour, vapour, etc. → give …   English new terms dictionary

  • give something off/out — EMIT, produce, send out, throw out; discharge, release, exude, vent. → give …   Useful english dictionary

  • give something up — STOP, cease, discontinue, desist from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forgo; resign from, stand down from; informal quit, kick, swear off, leave off, pack in, lay off; Brit. informal jack in. → give …   Useful english dictionary

  • fob something off on — give something inferior to. → fob …   English new terms dictionary

  • touch something off — 1 he touched off two of the bombs: DETONATE, set off, trigger, explode. 2 the plan touched off a major political storm: CAUSE, spark off, trigger (off), start …   Useful english dictionary

  • set something off — 1 the bomb was set off: DETONATE, explode, blow up, touch off, trigger; ignite. 2 it set off a wave of protest: GIVE RISE TO, cause, lead to, set …   Useful english dictionary

  • screen something off — ˌscreen sthˈoff derived often passive to separate part of a room, etc. from the rest of it by putting a ↑screen around it • Beds can be screened off to give patients more privacy. • The choir is screened off from the rest of the church.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • sign something off — ˌsign sthˈoff derived to give your formal approval to sth, by signing your name Main entry: ↑signderived …   Useful english dictionary

  • write someone/something off — 1 they have had to write off loans: FORGET ABOUT, disregard, give up on, cancel, annul, wipe out. 2 he wrote off his new car: WRECK, smash up, crash, destroy …   Useful english dictionary

  • give — verb (past gave; past participle given) (usu. give something to or give someone something) 1》 freely transfer the possession of; cause to receive or have.     ↘communicate or impart (a message).     ↘commit, consign, or entrust.     ↘cause to… …   English new terms dictionary


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