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  • 1 gauge

    [ɡei‹] 1. verb
    1) (to measure (something) very accurately: They gauged the hours of sunshine.) (κατα)μετρώ
    2) (to estimate, judge: Can you gauge her willingness to help?) υπολογίζω
    2. noun
    1) (an instrument for measuring amount, size, speed etc: a petrol gauge.) μετρητής, δείκτης
    2) (a standard size (of wire, bullets etc): gauge wire.) (σταθερή) διάμετρος
    3) (the distance between the rails of a railway line.) πλάτος σιδηροδρομικής γραμμής

    English-Greek dictionary > gauge

  • 2 Gauge

    Measure: P. and V. μέτρον, τό.
    v. trans.
    Measure: P. and V. μετρεῖν (or mid.), συμμετρεῖσθαι, ναμετρεῖν (or mid.), σταθμᾶσθαι (Plat.). V. σταθμᾶν, ἐκμετρεῖν (or mid.).
    Infer, guess: P. and V. συμβάλλειν, τεκμαίρεσθαι, τοπάζειν, see Guess.

    Woodhouse English-Greek dictionary. A vocabulary of the Attic language > Gauge

  • 3 gauge

    1) εκτιμώ
    2) μετρητής
    3) υπολογίζω

    English-Greek new dictionary > gauge

  • 4 rain-gauge

    noun (an instrument for measuring rainfall.) βροχόμετρο

    English-Greek dictionary > rain-gauge

  • 5 gage

    English-Greek dictionary > gage

  • 6 indicator

    noun (a pointer, sign, instrument etc which indicates something or gives information about something: the indicator on the petrol gauge of a car.) δείκτης

    English-Greek dictionary > indicator

  • 7 rain

    [rein] 1. noun
    1) (water falling from the clouds in liquid drops: We've had a lot of rain today; walking in the rain; We had flooding because of last week's heavy rains.) βροχή
    2) (a great number of things falling like rain: a rain of arrows.) βροχή
    2. verb
    1) ((only with it as subject) to cause rain to fall: I think it will rain today.) βρέχει
    2) (to (cause to) fall like rain: Arrows rained down on the soldiers.) πέφτω σαν βροχή
    - raininess
    - rainbow
    - rain check: take a rain check
    - raincoat
    - raindrop
    - rainfall
    - rain forest
    - rain-gauge
    - keep
    - save for a rainy day
    - rain cats and dogs
    - the rains
    - as right as rain
    - right as rain

    English-Greek dictionary > rain

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