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  • 1 gate-leg table

    table f à abattant

    Un panorama unique de l'anglais et du français > gate-leg table

  • 2 kick

    A n
    1 (of person, horse) coup m de pied ; (of donkey, cow, goat) coup m de sabot ; ( of swimmer) battement m de pieds ; ( of footballer) tir m ; to give sb/the door a kick donner un coup de pied à qn/dans la porte ; to aim ou take a kick at sb/sth [person] lancer un coup de pied à qn/dans qch ; she aimed a kick at the goal elle a tiré vers le but ; to get a kick on the leg/in the stomach (from person, horse) recevoir un coup de pied à la jambe/dans l'estomac ; (from donkey, cow) recevoir un coup de sabot à la jambe/dans l'estomac ; to give sb a kick up the backside ou in the pants lit, fig botter le derrière de qn ; ⇒ free kick, penalty kick ;
    2 ( thrill) it gives her a kick to do elle prend plaisir à faire ; to get a kick from doing prendre plaisir à faire ;
    3 ( of firearm) recul m ;
    4 (strength, zest) (of person, organization) dynamisme m ; this punch has quite a kick (to it) ce punch est assez costaud ;
    5 ( craze) marotte f, manie f ; to be on a health-food kick manger bio .
    B vtr gen ( once) [person] donner un coup de pied à [person] ; donner un coup de pied dans [table, door] ; [person] shooter dans [ball, tin can] ; [horse] botter ; [donkey, cow, goat] donner un coup de sabot à [person] ; donner un coup de sabot dans [gate, bucket] ; ( repeatedly) donner des coups de pied à [person] ; donner des coups de pieds dans [object] ; to kick sb on the leg/in the face/in the stomach [person, horse] donner à qn un coup or des coups de pied à la jambe/au visage/dans l'estomac ; [donkey, cow] donner à qn un coup de sabot dans la jambe/au visage/dans l'estomac ; to kick sth over a wall/under the bed/through the window envoyer qch par-dessus un mur/sous le lit/par la fenêtre d'un coup de pied ; to kick sth away éloigner qch d'un coup de pied ; he kicked dust into my face d'un coup de pied il m'a envoyé de la poussière à la figure ; to kick a hole ou dent in sth défoncer qch d'un coup de pied ; to kick one's legs (in the air) [baby] pédaler ; to kick a goal marquer un but ; to kick the ball into touch ( in rugby) envoyer le ballon en touche.
    C vi
    1 gen [person] ( once) donner un coup de pied ; ( repeatedly) donner des coups de pied ; [swimmer] faire des battements de pieds ; [dancer] lancer la jambe ; [cow] ruer ; [horse] botter ; to kick at sb/sth [person] lancer un coup de pied à qn/dans qch ; the horse kicked at me le cheval a voulu me botter ; to kick for touch ( in rugby) chercher la touche ;
    2 ( recoil) [gun] reculer.
    a (real) kick in the teeth ou ass US une gifle ; it's better than a kick in the teeth c'est mieux que rien ; to kick sb when they're down frapper un homme à terre ; to kick the habit gen décrocher , arrêter ; ( of smoking) arrêter de fumer ; I could have kicked myself je me serais donné des claques (for doing d'avoir fait) ; to be alive and kicking être bien vivant ; to kick over the traces ruer dans les brancards ; ⇒ heel, scream, upstairs.
    kick around, kick about:
    kick around [objects, clothes] traîner ; that idea's been kicking around for years cette idée traîne dans l'air depuis des années ; he's been kicking around Europe for a year il se balade en Europe depuis un an ;
    kick [sth] around ou about
    1 lit donner des coups de pied dans, s'amuser avec [ball, object] ;
    2 discuter de, explorer [idea] ;
    kick [sb/sth] around or about ( treat badly) maltraiter [person] ; malmener [toys, objects] ; I won't be kicked around by anyone je ne me laisserai pas marcher dessus.
    kick against [sth] ( resist) résister à [idea, suggestion] ; ( fight against) lutter contre [rules, system] ; to kick against doing résister à l'idée de faire.
    kick back:
    kick back [firearm] avoir du recul ;
    kick [sth] back, kick back [sth]
    1 renvoyer (du pied) [ball, object] ;
    2 US Fin accorder une ristourne de [money].
    kick down:
    kick [sth] down, kick down [sth] enfoncer [qch] d'un coup de pied or à coups de pied [door] ; [horse] renverser [fence].
    kick in:
    kick in US ( contribute) verser sa quote part ;
    kick [sth] in, kick in [sth] enfoncer [qch] d'un coup de pied or à coups de pied [door, window, box] ; to kick sb's teeth ou face in casser la figure or la gueule à qn.
    kick off:
    1 Sport donner le coup d'envoi ;
    2 [person, meeting, tour, concert] commencer, démarrer ;
    kick off [sth], kick [sth] off
    1 enlever [shoes] ;
    2 commencer [meeting, tour, concert] ;
    kick [sb] off exclure [qn] de, virer [qn] de [committee, board of directors].
    kick out:
    kick out [animal] ruer ; [person] lancer des coups de pied ; to kick out at sb [person] lit lancer des coups de pied à qn ; to kick out against se rebeller contre [idea, system, injustice] ;
    kick [sb] out, kick out [sb] vider , virer [troublemaker, intruder] ; éjecter [team member] ; virer [employee].
    kick over:
    kick [sth] over, kick over [sth] renverser [qch] (d'un coup de pied or à coups de pied).
    kick up:
    kick [sth] up, kick up [sth] soulever [sand, dust] ; to kick up a fuss ou stink faire des histoires (about à propos de).

    Big English-French dictionary > kick

  • 3 stand

    [stænd] 1. past tense, past participle - stood; verb
    1) (to be in an upright position, not sitting or lying: His leg was so painful that he could hardly stand; After the storm, few trees were left standing.) être debout
    2) ((often with up) to rise to the feet: He pushed back his chair and stood up; Some people like to stand (up) when the National Anthem is played.) se mettre debout
    3) (to remain motionless: The train stood for an hour outside Newcastle.) rester
    4) (to remain unchanged: This law still stands.) maintenir
    5) (to be in or have a particular place: There is now a factory where our house once stood.) s'élever
    6) (to be in a particular state, condition or situation: As matters stand, we can do nothing to help; How do you stand financially?) dans l'état oû, dans ces conditions
    7) (to accept or offer oneself for a particular position etc: He is standing as Parliamentary candidate for our district.) être candidat (à)
    8) (to put in a particular position, especially upright: He picked up the fallen chair and stood it beside the table.) poser (droit/debout)
    9) (to undergo or endure: He will stand (his) trial for murder; I can't stand her rudeness any longer.) supporter
    10) (to pay for (a meal etc) for (a person): Let me stand you a drink!) offrir
    2. noun
    1) (a position or place in which to stand ready to fight etc, or an act of fighting etc: The guard took up his stand at the gate; I shall make a stand for what I believe is right.) poste
    2) (an object, especially a piece of furniture, for holding or supporting something: a coat-stand; The sculpture had been removed from its stand for cleaning.) support
    3) (a stall where goods are displayed for sale or advertisement.) étalage
    4) (a large structure beside a football pitch, race course etc with rows of seats for spectators: The stand was crowded.) tribune
    5) ((American) a witness box in a law court.) barre
    - standing 3. noun
    1) (time of lasting: an agreement of long standing.) durée
    2) (rank or reputation: a diplomat of high standing.) importance
    4. adjective
    ((of an airline passenger or ticket) costing or paying less than the usual fare, as the passenger does not book a seat for a particular flight, but waits for the first available seat.) sans garantie
    5. adverb
    (travelling in this way: It costs a lot less to travel stand-by.) sans garantie
    - standing-room - make someone's hair stand on end - stand aside - stand back - stand by - stand down - stand fast/firm - stand for - stand in - stand on one's own two feet - stand on one's own feet - stand out - stand over - stand up for - stand up to

    English-French dictionary > stand

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