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  • 1 çöp girerse çöp çıkar

    garbage in garbage out

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp girerse çöp çıkar

  • 2 artıkları toplama

    garbage collection

    Turkish-English dictionary > artıkları toplama

  • 3 çöp toplayıcı

    garbage collector

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp toplayıcı

  • 4 çöp yokedici

    garbage disposal

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp yokedici

  • 5 çöp öğütme aygıtı

    garbage disposer

    İngilizce Sözlük Türkçe > çöp öğütme aygıtı

  • 6 çöplük

    "garbage dump, dump, rubbish heap; dirty place, dump"

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  • 7 çöplük

    "garbage dump, dump, Brit. refuse tip, tip; refuse heap. - horozu philanderer who is unconcerned about the beauty or ugliness of the women he pursues."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > çöplük

  • 8 çöp

    ",-pü 1. garbage (especially animal or vegetable refuse); trash, rubbish. 2. litter, trash. 3. matchstick. 4. very small twig; chip of wood. 5. stalk or stem (of a fruit). 6. piece of refuse (found in unlooked dry rice, chickpeas, etc.). 7. comp. garbage. - arabası garbage truck, Brit. dustcart. - atlamamak not to miss the slightest thing; to be very attentive. - atlamaz meticulous, punctilious. -e dönmek to get very thin, turn to skin and bones. - dubası garbage scow. - gibi very thin, as thin as a rail. - kebabı pieces of meat grilled on skewers of wood and then cooked lightly. - konteyneri dumpster. - kutusu garbage container; trash container; Brit. dustbin; wastebasket, Brit. wastebin, wastepaper basket. - makinesi/öğütücüsü garbage-disposal unit, disposal unit, disposal, disposer. - sepeti wastebasket, Brit. waste-bin, wastepaper basket. - şiş 1. thin skewer. 2. a kabob made by grilling over charcoal very small cubes of meat that have been affixed to a thin skewer. - tenekesi garbage can; trash can; Brit. dustbin."

    Saja Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük > çöp

  • 9 çöp tenekesi

    n. garbage can, litter bin, rubbish bin
    * * *
    1. dustbin 2. garbage can 3. trash can

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp tenekesi

  • 10 çöp yığını

    n. dumping, dump, midden
    * * *
    1. garbage dump 2. garbage heap 3. trash dump 4. trash heap 5. trash pile 6. dump (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp yığını

  • 11 artık

    adj. waste, residual
    adv. anymore, no longer, no more, at that
    n. dregs, leftover, scraps, waste, discard, spoils, dross, refuse, remainder, remnant, residual, residue; shoddy, tag end, fag end, last part of something after the best part of it has been used, leftover of cloth (British)
    * * *
    1. anymore 2. excess 3. garbage 4. leftover 5. residue 6. leaving (n.) ———————— (fa.) longer

    Turkish-English dictionary > artık

  • 12 çöp

    n. truncheon, billy, baton, blackjack, bludgeon, cosh, nightstick, sap
    * * *
    1. garbage 2. litter 3. rubbish 4. waste material 5. waste (n.) 6. trash (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp

  • 13 çöpçü

    n. scavenger, sweeper, streetcleaner, dustman, garbageman
    * * *
    1. dustman 2. garbage man 3. litter bearer 4. scavenger 5. sweeper

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöpçü

  • 14 çöp kamyonu

    1. dustcart 2. garbage truck

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp kamyonu

  • 15 değersiz data

    n. garbage

    Turkish-English dictionary > değersiz data

  • 16 süprüntü

    adj. refuse
    n. sweepings, rubbish, sweeps, dross, offscourings, brushing, dregs, candle end, dreg, garbage, refuse, rejectamenta, trumpery

    Turkish-English dictionary > süprüntü

  • 17 zırva

    adj. raving
    interj. fiddlesticks, fiddle, rot
    n. balderdash, baloney, bilge, blather, blether, boloney, bosh, bull, bunk, bunkum, cock, eyewash, fiddle de dee, fiddle-faddle, flapdoodle, flimflam, gammon, garbage, gassing, hooey, jabber wocky, nonsense, punk, raving, rot, rubbish, stuff

    Turkish-English dictionary > zırva

  • 18 çöp bacası

    n. garbage chute

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp bacası

  • 19 çöp toplanması

    n. garbage collection

    Turkish-English dictionary > çöp toplanması

  • 20 saçmalık

    nonsense, drivel, claptrap, bullshit, absurdity, toomfoolery, garbage, bilge, tripe, shit, cock, codswallop, cobblers, rubbish

    İngilizce Sözlük Türkçe > saçmalık

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