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gamma-ray isotope

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  • Formation evaluation gamma ray — In the field of formation evaluation, gamma ray log records natural radioactivity emission of formation. Measurement of natural emission of gamma rays in oil and gas wells are particularly helpful because shales and sandstones typically have… …   Wikipedia

  • Compton Gamma Ray Observatory — General information NSSDC ID 1991 027B Organization NASA …   Wikipedia

  • Gamma spectroscopy — The gamma ray spectrum of natural uranium, showing about a dozen discrete lines superimposed on a smooth continuum, allows the identification the nuclides 226Ra, 214Pb, and 214Bi of the uranium decay chain. Gamma ray spectroscopy is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Isotope — This article is about the atomic variants of chemical elements. For the British jazz fusion band, see Isotope (band). Isotopes redirects here. For the minor league baseball team, see Albuquerque Isotopes. Isotopes are variants of atoms of a… …   Wikipedia

  • RAYONS GAMMA COSMIQUES — Les rayons gamma cosmiques, photons les plus énergétiques du rayonnement électromagnétique, signent les événements les plus violents de l’Univers. Bloqués par les hautes couches de l’atmosphère terrestre, ils sont détectés presque exclusivement à …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Commonly-used gamma emitting isotopes — Fission products Caesium 137 is a radioactive isotope which is formed mainly by nuclear fission. It has a half life of 30 years, and decays by pure beta decay to a metastable state of barium 137 (Ba 137m). Barium 137m has a half life of minutes… …   Wikipedia

  • Commonly used gamma emitting isotopes — Radionuclides which emit gamma radiation are valuable in a range of different industrial, scientific and medical technologies. This article lists some common gamma emitting radionuclides of technological importance, and their properties. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • radioactive isotope — ▪ chemistry also called  radioisotope   any of several species of the same chemical element with different masses whose nuclei are unstable and dissipate excess energy by spontaneously emitting radiation in the form of alpha, beta, and gamma rays …   Universalium

  • radioactivity — /ray dee oh ak tiv i tee/, n. Physics, Chem. the phenomenon, exhibited by and being a property of certain elements, of spontaneously emitting radiation resulting from changes in the nuclei of atoms of the element. Also called activity. [1895… …   Universalium

  • radon — /ray don/, n. Chem. a chemically inert, radioactive gaseous element produced by the decay of radium: emissions produced by outgassing of rock, brick, etc. are a health hazard. Symbol: Rn; at. no.: 86; at. wt.: 222. [1915 20; RAD(IUM) + ON2] * * * …   Universalium

  • Curium — This article is about the chemical element. For the ancient city located in Cyprus, see Kourion. americium ← curium → berkelium …   Wikipedia

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