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  • gamma-lactone — gam·ma lac·tone (gam″ə lakґtōn) a compound having a five membered ring structure formed by internal reaction of a carboxylic acid group with a hydroxyl group on the gamma carbon of a carbon chain …   Medical dictionary

  • Gamma-valerolactona — Nombre (IUPAC) sistemático …   Wikipedia Español

  • Gamma Pavonis — Constelación Pavo Ascensión recta α 21h 26min 2,6s Declinación δ 65º 21’ 58’’ Distancia …   Wikipedia Español

  • carbon cycle — 1. Ecol. the circulation of carbon atoms in the biosphere as a result of photosynthetic conversion of carbon dioxide into complex organic compounds by plants, which are consumed by other organisms: the carbon returns to the atmosphere in the form …   Universalium

  • Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid — γ Hydroxybutyric acid Systematic (IUPAC) name 4 Hydroxybutanoic acid …   Wikipedia

  • Gamma ray spectrometer — A Gamma Ray Spectrometer, or (GRS), is an instrument for measuring the distribution (or spectrum see figure) of the intensity of gamma radiation versus the energy of each photon. Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation at the short wavelength,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Gamma Piscium — Starbox begin name=Gamma Piscium [cite web title=Simbad Query Result | work=Simbad url=http://simbad.u strasbg.fr/simbad/sim id?protocol=html Ident=*+6+Piscium NbIdent=1 Radius=2 Radius.unit=arcmin submit=submit+id accessdate=September 30… …   Wikipedia

  • Gamma-glutamyl-gamma-aminobutyrate hydrolase — In enzymology, a gamma glutamyl gamma aminobutyrate hydrolase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:4 (gamma glutamylamino)butanoate + H2O ightleftharpoons 4 aminobutanoate + L glutamateThus, the two substrates of …   Wikipedia

  • Gamma-glutamylhistamine synthase — In enzymology, a gamma glutamylhistamine synthase (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:ATP + L glutamate + histamine ightleftharpoons products of ATP breakdown + Nalpha gamma L glutamylhistamineThe 3 substrates… …   Wikipedia

  • gamma iron — the allotropic form of iron existing between the temperature 910 deg C and 1400 deg C is known as gamma iron. It has a face centered cubic lattice and is non magnetic. Gamma iron containing carbon or other elements in solution is known as… …   Mechanics glossary

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