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  • Fruit Roll-Ups — is a brand of fruit snack manufactured by General Mills and distributed under the Betty Crocker brand in the United States and the Uncle Tobys brand in Australia. The snack is a flat, pectin based fruit flavored candy, wrapped around a piece of… …   Wikipedia

  • Fruit snack — is a processed snack food made from fruit, sugar, and/or other natural and artificial flavors and colors. Many fruit snacks are high in vitamin C. They tend to be more healthy than candy but less healthy than actual fruit. Fruit snacks are often… …   Wikipedia

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  • candy — [kan′dē] n. pl. candies [< sugar candy < ME (sugre) candi < OFr (sucre) candi < OIt ( zucchero) candi < Ar qandi < Pers qand, cane sugar; prob. < Sans khaṇḍa, piece (of sugar)] 1. crystallized sugar made by boiling and… …   English World dictionary

  • fruit gum — [fruit gum] noun [usu pl](BrE) a small round British sweet/candy like a hard piece of jelly. Fruit gums are usually sold in a roll and have different fruit colours and flavours. They are especially popular with children. Many people remember the… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • candy — ► NOUN (pl. candies) (also sugar candy) 1) N. Amer. sweets. 2) chiefly Brit. sugar crystallized by repeated boiling and slow evaporation. ► VERB (candies, candied) ▪ preserve (fruit) by coating and impregnating it with a sugar syrup …   English terms dictionary

  • candy — candylike, adj. /kan dee/, n., pl. candies, v., candied, candying. n. 1. any of a variety of confections made with sugar, syrup, etc., often combined with chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc. 2. a single piece of such a confection. 3. Slang. cocaine. v.t …   Universalium

  • Candy — This article is about the type of confection generally. For specific types of candy, see Candies. For other uses, see Candy (disambiguation). Multicolored chocolate b …   Wikipedia

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