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forcing function

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  • Forcing function — * In interaction design, a forcing function is a behavior shaping constraint, a means of preventing undesirable user input usually made by mistake …   Wikipedia

  • Forcing (recursion theory) — Forcing in recursion theory is a modification of Paul Cohen s original set theoretic technique of forcing to deal with the effective concerns in recursion theory. Conceptually the two techniques are quite similar, in both one attempts to build… …   Wikipedia

  • Forcing (mathematics) — For the use of forcing in recursion theory, see Forcing (recursion theory). In the mathematical discipline of set theory, forcing is a technique invented by Paul Cohen for proving consistency and independence results. It was first used, in 1963,… …   Wikipedia

  • Forcing Data Delivery — Computers often experience delays where the user experiences long periods of wait time. From keystrokes to applications, the user experiences poor performance where character lines are being outputted slowly on the window screen. Instead of… …   Wikipedia

  • Transfer function — A transfer function (also known as the system function[1] or network function) is a mathematical representation, in terms of spatial or temporal frequency, of the relation between the input and output of a linear time invariant system. With… …   Wikipedia

  • Laver function — In set theory, a Laver function (or Laver diamond, named after its inventor, Richard Laver) is a function connected with supercompact cardinals. DefinitionIf kappa; is a supercompact cardinal, a Laver function is a function fnof; : kappa; rarr; V …   Wikipedia

  • List of forcing notions — In mathematics, forcing is a method of constructing new models M[G] of set theory by adding a generic subset G of a poset P to a model M. The poset P used will determine what statements hold in the new universe (the extension ); to force a… …   Wikipedia

  • Radiative forcing — In climate science, radiative forcing is generally defined as the change in net irradiance between different layers of the atmosphere. Typically, radiative forcing is quantified at the tropopause in units of watts per square meter. A positive… …   Wikipedia

  • Zero-forcing precoding — Zero forcing (or Null Steering) precoding is a spatial signal processing by which the multiple antenna transmitter can null multiuser interference signals in wireless communications. Regularized zero forcing precoding is enhanced processing to… …   Wikipedia

  • Proper forcing axiom — In the mathematical field of set theory, the proper forcing axiom ( PFA ) is a significant strengthening of Martin s axiom, where forcings with the countable chain condition (ccc) are replaced by proper forcings. Statement A forcing or partially… …   Wikipedia

  • Partial function — Not to be confused with partial function of a multilinear map. An example of a partial function that is not a total function …   Wikipedia

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