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flag sequence

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  • Flag sequence — Flag sequence: In data transmission or processing, a sequence of bits used to delimit, i.e. mark the beginning and end of a frame. Note 1: An 8 bit sequence is usually used as the flag sequence; for example, the 8 bit flag sequence 01111110. Note …   Wikipedia

  • FLAG-tag — FLAG tag, or FLAG octapeptide, is a polypeptide protein tag that is added to a recombinant expressed protein. It is made by inserting a vector into the DNA sequence coding for that specific protein. It can be used for affinity chromatography,… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag (Datenübertragung) — High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) ist ein von der ISO normiertes Netzprotokoll ISO/IEC 13239:2002. Es ist innerhalb des ISO/OSI Modells in Schicht 2, der Sicherungsschicht einzugliedern. HDLC basiert in seiner Grundstruktur auf dem SDLC… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Flag (linear algebra) — In mathematics, particularly in linear algebra, a flag is an increasing sequence of subspaces of a vector space V . Here increasing means each is a proper subspace of the next (see filtration)::{0} = V 0 sub V 1 sub V 2 sub cdots sub V k = V.If… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of the United States — American Flag redirects here. For the Arizona ghost town, see American Flag, Arizona. Flag of Columbia redirects here. For the flag of the South American country, see Flag of Colombia. Flag of the United States of America Name …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of the Republic of Ireland — Infobox flag Name = Ireland Article = Use = 111111 Symbol = Proportion = 1:2 Adoption = 1919 Design = A vertical tricolour of green, white, and orange. Type = NationalThe flag of Ireland is the national flag of Ireland ( ga. An Bhratach… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of Italy — Infobox flag Name = the Italian Republic Article = Use = 111010 Symbol = Proportion = 2:3 (war flag 1:1) Adoption = 1 January 1948 Design = A vertical tricolour of green, white and red. Type = National flag Name2 = Article2 = Use2 = 000100… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of Hawaii — The flag of Hawaii (Hawaiian: Ka Hae Hawaiokinai ) is the official standard symbolizing Hawaii as a U.S. state, as it previously had as a kingdom, protectorate, republic, and territory. It is the only state flag of the United States to have been… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of Russia — Infobox flag Name = Russia Article = Type = Nickname = Триколор Trikolor Tricolour Morenicks = Use = 111100 Symbol = Proportion = 2:3 Adoption = December 11 1993 (originally adopted on January 20 1705) Design = Rectangular tri color with three… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of Sardinia — History of the Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia= The first flag of Kindom of Sardinia, since its creation in 1720, was the ancient flag of the House of Savoy, a red flag with a white cross.From 1816 to 1848, as a result of the Congress of Vienna,… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag (disambiguation) — A flag is a colored cloth with a specified meaning.Flag may also refer to:In computers: * Flag (computing), a true/false, on/off or open/closed indicator (boolean variable) * FLAGS register (computing), a CPU register on x86 systems * Fiber Optic …   Wikipedia

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