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fill to repletion

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  • fill — Synonyms and related words: abide by, accommodate, act up to, adhere to, admit, advise, afford, allay, answer, assimilate, attend to, bag, bar, barrel, battologize, be enfeoffed of, be faithful to, be possessed of, be seized of, bellyful,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • repletion — SYN: hypervolemia. [L. repletio, fr. re pleo, pp. pletus, to fill up] * * * re·ple·tion ri plē shən n the act or process of replenishing or state of being replenished following depletion (as of a constituent of the blood) <sodium repletion> …   Medical dictionary

  • repletion — replete ► ADJECTIVE 1) (replete with) filled or well supplied with. 2) very full with food; sated. DERIVATIVES repletion noun. ORIGIN from Latin replere fill up …   English terms dictionary

  • repletion — Synonyms and related words: abundance, affluence, ample sufficiency, ampleness, amplitude, avalanche, bellyful, bonanza, bountifulness, bountiousness, bumper crop, congestion, copiousness, engorgement, extravagance, exuberance, fertility, fill,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • glut — I. v. a. 1. Cloy, satiate, sate, surfeit, pall. 2. Gorge, stuff, cram, overfeed, fill full, fill to repletion. II. n. 1. Repletion. 2. Superabundance, over abundance, overplus, surplus, redundancy, superfluity, over stock …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • satiate — I. adjective Date: 15th century filled to satiety II. transitive verb ( ated; ating) Etymology: Latin satiatus, past participle of satiare, from satis enough more at sad Date: 15th century to satisfy (as a need or desire) fully or to excess •… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cram — I. v. a. 1. Stuff, gorge, glut, fill full, fill to repletion. 2. Crowd, press, compress. 3. Prepare for examination, grind, coach. II. v. n. 1. Eat to satiety, eat greedily, stuff, gorge or glut one s self, gluttonize. 2. (Colloq.) …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • gorge — I. n. 1. Ravine, defile, notch, deep and narrow pass. 2. Throat, gullet, oesephagus. 3. Stomach. II. v. a. 1. Swallow, devour, eat heartily, bolt. 2. Glut, satiate, cram, stuff, fill full, fill to repletion. III …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • pall — I. n. 1. Cloak, mantle, outer garment. 2. Pallium, archbishop s scarf. 3. [Written also Pawl and Paul.] Detent, click. II. v. a. 1. Make vapid or insipid. 2. Satiate, cloy, surfeit, sate, glut, gorge, fi …   New dictionary of synonyms

  • ὑπερπληρώσει — ὑπερπλήρωσις excessive repletion fem nom/voc/acc dual (attic epic) ὑπερπληρώσεϊ , ὑπερπλήρωσις excessive repletion fem dat sg (epic) ὑπερπλήρωσις excessive repletion fem dat sg (attic ionic) ὑπερπληρόω fill overfull aor subj act 3rd sg (epic)… …   Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες)

  • Sufficiency — (Roget s Thesaurus) < N PARAG:Sufficiency >N GRP: N 1 Sgm: N 1 sufficiency sufficiency adequacy enough withal quantum sufficit satisfaction competence Sgm: N 1 no less no less GRP: N 2 Sgm: N 2 mediocrity medio …   English dictionary for students