Перевод: с шведского на английский

с английского на шведский


  • 1 fast

    close, compact, firm, frozen, rigid, solid, sound, stationary, stuck
    fast klyft; intact ore
    andel fast; solid content
    procent fast; percent solids

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > fast

  • 2 fäst

    attached, carried

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > fäst

  • 3 kila fast


    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > kila fast

  • 4 klämma fast


    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > klämma fast

  • 5 sätta fast


    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > sätta fast

  • 6 berg

    mountain, rock
    berg i dagen; exposed rock, surface rock
    blottat berg; exposed rock
    bomt berg; loosened rock
    brytvärt berg; pay rock
    extrusivt berg; extrusive rock
    fast berg; firm rock, hard rock, solid ground, solid rock
    friskt berg; firm rock, solid rock
    fyllberg; fill rock
    förberg; foot hill
    gråberg; dead rock, mullock
    hållfast berg; firm rock, stable rock
    hälleberg; solid rock, solid ground
    igensättningsberg; waste filling
    inrasat berg; caved material
    kristalliniskt berg; crystalline rock
    kägelberg; butte
    löst berg; loosened rock, unconsolidated rock
    magmaberg; magma rocks
    malmberg; metalliferous ore
    ofyndigt berg; barren rock, barren gangue, sterile mass, sterile rock
    rösberg; fragmented rock
    sidoberg; adjoining rock, country rock, enclosing rock, surrounding rock, wallrocks
    skiktat berg; stratified rock
    slaggrikt berg; faulty rock
    sprickigt berg; fissure rock, fissured rock
    strossberg; stoping ground
    söndervittrat berg; broken ground
    teffelberg; mesa
    täckberg; capping
    urberg; primary formation, primary rock, primitive rocks
    vattenogenomträngligt berg; impermeable rock
    veckberg; folded mountain, folding chain
    vittrat berg; decomposed rock, desintegrated rock

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > berg

  • 7 bränsle

    fast bränsle; solid fuel
    flytande bränsle; liquid fuel

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > bränsle

  • 8 bädd

    bed, bedding, layer, stratum
    fast bädd; fixed bed
    flodbädd; river bed, river channel, stream bed
    fluidiserande bädd ; fluid bed
    kritbädd; chalk bed
    kulsinterbädd; pellet bed
    pulserande bädd; mobile bed
    slaggbädd; bed of scoria
    stenbädd; pebble bed
    virvelbädd; fluid bed

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > bädd

  • 9 del

    part, piece, segment; semi
    fast del; fixed part
    reservdel; accessory part, spare part
    överdel; upper part

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > del

  • 10 draglina

    haulage rope, hauling rope, traction rope
    fast draglina; static rope

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > draglina

  • 11 enkelverkande

    single acting

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > enkelverkande

  • 12 fas

    phase; bevel
    enfas; single phase
    fast fas; solid phase
    flytande fas; aqueos phase

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > fas

  • 13 klyft

    fast klyft; intact ore
    malm i fast klyft; solid ore
    moderklyft; mother rock

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > klyft

  • 14 koppling

    coupling, clutch, grip, joint, union; circuit; connection
    borrkoppling; jars
    fast koppling; tight coupling
    friktionskoppling; friction clutch
    gängad koppling; threaded coupling
    hydraulkoppling; hydraulic clutch
    hydraulisk koppling; oil clutch
    impulsmagnetkoppling; magneto impulse coupling
    klokoppling; jaw clutch
    kulkoppling; ball joint
    lägga in kopplingen; engage the clutch
    länkkoppling; jointed coupling
    rörkoppling; casing coupling, pipe coupling, pipe union, union coupling
    seriekoppling; series connection
    slangkoppling; hose connection, hose fittings
    slirkoppling; safety clutch, safety coupling, sliding coupling
    snabbkoppling; automatic coupling, quick coupling
    stjärnkoppling; star connection
    svänghjulskoppling; flywheel clutch
    universalkoppling; U-joint, universal joint
    vagnskoppling; railway coupling
    vätskekoppling; fluid coupling

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > koppling

  • 15 kroka

    kroka fast; hooking-on
    kroka loss; hooking-off

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > kroka

  • 16 lera

    argil, clay, dirt, loam
    alluviallera; alluvial clay
    blockig lera; boulder clay
    eldfast lera; fire clay, fireproof clay, refractory clay
    fast lera; firm clay
    fet lera; fat clay
    grålera; ball clay
    hård lera; hard pan
    järnhaltig lera; ferruginous clay
    keramisk lera; ceramic clay
    kladdig lera; sticky clay
    krukmakarlera; argil
    kvicklera; quick clay
    mager lera; lean clay, mild clay
    mjuklera; bury
    moränlera; boulder clay
    ockrig lera; ochreey clay
    piplera; pipe clay
    plastisk lera; ball clay, plastic clay
    porslinslera; china-clay, porcelain clay
    resiudal-lera; residual clay
    skifferlera; argillaceous slate, bind
    svälld lera; expanded clay
    tegellera; brick clay
    varvig lera; banded clay

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > lera

  • 17 lösning

    solution, liquor
    ammoniaklösning; ammonia liquor
    fast lösning; solid solution
    fattig lösning; barren solution
    hydrotermal lösning; hydrothermal solution
    jonlösning; ionic solution
    normallösning; normal solution
    saltlösning; brine
    sur lösning; acid solution

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > lösning

  • 18 malm

    malm i fast klyft; solid ore
    anrikad malm; dressed ore
    anrikningsmalm; concentrating ore, enrichment ore
    avfallsmalm; tailings
    bruten malm; broken ground
    bryta malm; mine
    brytvärd malm; pay ore
    engående malm; self-fluxing ore
    fattigmalm; low grade ore, halvings, lean ore
    finmalm; fines
    finkornig malm; fine ore, small ore
    fjädermalm; feather ore
    harpad malm; screened ore
    hårdmalm; hard ore
    högvärdig malm; high-grade ore
    impregnationsmalm; disseminated ore, impregnation ore
    inpackningsmalm; annealing ore
    järnmalm; iron ore
    kismalm; pyrite ore
    kladdig malm; sticky ore
    komplex malm; complex ore, mixed ore
    kornig malm; granular ore
    kulformig malm; nodular ore
    kvartsrik malm; quartzose ore
    kvicksilvermalm; quick ore
    lateritmalm; lateritic ore
    lågvärd malm; low grade ore
    lösskjuten malm; blasted ore
    manganmalm; manganese ore
    magnetitmalm; magnetic ore
    mald malm; milled ore
    minettmalm; oolite iron ore
    mullmalm; dust iron, earthy hematite (hematit)
    myrmalm; bog iron ore, marsh ore
    möjlig malm; inferred ore, possible ore
    nodulmalm; kidney ore
    porfyrisk malm; porphyry ore
    primärmalm; protore
    påvisad malm; ore blocked out, proved ore
    randig malm; banded ore
    ren malm; clean ore
    rik malm; high-grade ore
    rostad malm; calcined ore, roasted ore
    råmalm; crude ore, raw ore
    sannolik malm; probable ore
    sedimentär malm; sedimentary ore
    selenmalm; selenium ore
    siktad malm; screened ore
    sjömalm; bog iron ore, lake ore
    skarnmalm; skarn ore
    skrädmalm; bucking ore
    sovrad malm; clean ore, dressed ore
    styckemalm; lump ore, lumps, rubbles
    sulfidmalm; sulphide ore
    svartmalm; black ore
    svavelhaltig malm; sulphurous ore
    svårsmält malm; refractory ore
    talliummalm; thallium ores
    tellurmalm; tellurium ore
    tennmalm; tin ore
    tillredd malm; developed ore
    tillsatsmalm; fluxing ore
    titanmalm; titanium ores
    toriummalm; thorium ores
    uppfordrad malm; run-of-mine ore
    uppsluppen malm; blocked out of ore
    urbergsmalm; primary rock ore
    varpmalm; waste heap ore
    vaskmalm; alluvial ore, alluvion ore, luvial ore, steam ore
    vaskad malm; buddled ore
    vittrad malm; weathered ore
    volframmalm; tungstate
    zinkmalm; zinc ore

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > malm

  • 19 massa

    mass, bulk, quantity
    eruptivmassa; mass of igneous rock
    fast massa; concrete
    jordmassa; mass of earth
    magmabergartsmassa; mass of igneous rock

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > massa

  • 20 material

    material, stuff, substance
    fast material; solids
    fyllningsmaterial; borrow material
    granulärt material; bulk material
    råmaterial; primary material

    Svensk-engelsk geologi lexikon > material

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