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faction group

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  • Faction Paradox — is a fictional time travelling cult/rebel group/organized crime syndicate created by Lawrence Miles. The Faction s belief system as portrayed has some similarities to voodoo, and is sometimes described as such. The family/organization were… …   Wikipedia

  • Faction — or factionalism can refer to:* Political faction, a group of people connected by a shared belief or opinion within a larger group. * Faction (literature), a type of historical novel rooted in fact * Faction (Planescape), political factions in the …   Wikipedia

  • faction — [n1] group sharing a belief or cause band, bloc, bunch, cabal, camp, caucus, cell, circle, clan, clique, club, coalition, combination, combine, combo, concern, conclave, confederacy, conspiracy, contingent, coterie, crew, crowd, design, division …   New thesaurus

  • Group Nawijn — ( nl. Groep Nawijn) is a Dutch right wing Fortuynist political faction founded by Dutch parliament member Hilbrand Nawijn. It was founded in June 2005 when Nawijn split from his previous party List Pim Fortuyn (LPF). It remained a one man faction …   Wikipedia

  • faction — fac‧tion [ˈfækʆn] noun [countable] a small group of people who belong to a larger group but who have different ideas and opinions from the larger group, and may argue or fight with them: • Rival factions within the department must settle their… …   Financial and business terms

  • faction — faction1 [fak′shən] n. [< Fr faction & L factio, a making, doing, faction < pp. of facere, DO1] 1. a group of people inside a political party, club, government, etc. working in a common cause against other such groups or against the main… …   English World dictionary

  • faction — I noun cabal, camarilla, clique, conspiracy, contentious group, disaccord, disagreeing party, discord, dissension, dissent, division, factio, pars, partisan conflict, partisanship, pressure group, side, splinter party, united body II index cabal …   Law dictionary

  • group — [n] number of individuals collectively accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, assembly, association, assortment, band,  batch, battery, bevy, body, bunch, bundle, cartel, category, chain, circle, class, clique, clot, club, clump, cluster, clutch …   New thesaurus

  • faction — ► NOUN ▪ a small dissenting group within a larger one. DERIVATIVES factional adjective factionalism noun factionally adverb. ORIGIN originally in the sense «doing, making»: from Latin facere do, make …   English terms dictionary

  • group — I noun affiliation, aggregate, array, assemblage, assembly, association, band, bracket, branch, category, circle, class, classification, clique, cluster, coalition, collection, community, conglomeration, constituency, corps, crowd, denomination,… …   Law dictionary

  • faction — [[t]fæ̱kʃ(ə)n[/t]] ♦♦♦ factions 1) N COUNT A faction is an organized group of people within a larger group, which opposes some of the ideas of the larger group and fights for its own ideas. A peace agreement will be signed by the leaders of the… …   English dictionary


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