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exhaust duct

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  • exhaust duct — The fan duct of an aft fan engine. See also bypass duct …   Aviation dictionary

  • convergent-divergent exhaust duct — An exhaust duct used in supersonic aircraft. The cross sectional area of the duct decreases in the direction of the airflow until it is so small that the gas flow becomes supersonic. Thereafter, the duct enlarges so the gases further speed up… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Duct (industrial exhaust) — Industrial exhaust ducts are pipe systems that connect hoods to industrial chimneys through other components of exhaust systems like fan, collectors etc. Ducts are low pressure pneumatic conveyors to convey dust, particles, shavings, fumes or… …   Wikipedia

  • Duct — A duct may refer to: Duct (anatomy), various ducts in anatomy and physiology Duct (HVAC), for transfer of air between spaces in a structure Duct tape, a kind of adhesive tape Ducted fan, motor for aircraft Electrical bus duct, a metal enclosure… …   Wikipedia

  • Duct (HVAC) — A round galvanized steel duct connecting to a typical diffuser Fire resistance rated …   Wikipedia

  • exhaust collector ring — A circular duct into which exhaust from the radial engine is discharged. Exhaust collector ring …   Aviation dictionary

  • bypass duct — A cold stream duct. The air from the fan that flows outside the combustion chamber and helps cool it as well as the exhaust duct. Also called an exhaust duct on a turbofan engine. See bypass engine …   Aviation dictionary

  • Exhaust air duct — Воздухопровод для отработанного воздуха …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • Smoke exhaust ductwork — is typically protected via passive fire protection means, subject to fire testing and listing and approval use and compliance. It is used to remove smoke from buildings, ships or offshore structures to enable emergency evacuation as well as… …   Wikipedia

  • Grease duct — A grease duct is a purpose designed duct that is used to vent grease laden vapours from commercial cooking equipment such as a stove, double decker pizza oven, deep fryer or wok to the outside of a building or mobile food preparation trailer.… …   Wikipedia

  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning — (often referred to as hood cleaning ) is the process of removing grease that has formed on the walls of ducts, hoods, fans and vents in restaurant kitchen exhaust systems. Process Several processes are used to clean kitchen exhaust systems. The… …   Wikipedia

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